Brave Frontier Tier List

Since its release in 2013, Brave Frontier has always been about maximizing the potential of your party to become the best summoner you can be.

With thousands of different units to summon, layers of strategy to build on, and deep lore, it’s hard not to feel overwhelmed – especially if you’re a new player.

The good news is that there’s still a running meta for Brave Frontier, as with all other competitive games.

Even with a huge summon pool, it’s possible to rank the units according to their element, utility, party compatibility, and end-game potential.

So here is the most up-to-date Brave Frontier unit tier list for 2020.

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Brave Frontier Tier List

*The element of the unit is denoted by the color: fire, light, earth, water, dark, thunder.

SAzius, Inoko, Desert Paradise Nyami, Rhyne, Cayena

Ken Kaneki, Peter, Ptah, Avyn, Hakuzo

Osiris, Yasna Armaiti, Alphie, Sasha, Nicholas, Hypaea

Aoife, Thot, Gisele, Galene, Meryl & Milly, Hilda

Orochi, Set, Noxa, Vohu, Evie, Nuke, Legato, Kirke

Ma’at, Echo, Paris, Miriam, Vash, Nimrah, Ukie, Touka, Vrana
These are units that stand out from the rest of their element group. Because of their outstanding damage/buff/defense stats, most of them shine in their specialized roles as nukers or mitigators; and can even excel in all-around roles for the party.

If you’re lucky enough to acquire the base versions of these units, it is imperative to grow and keep them in your party rotation.
AAesys, Czorag, Annette, Ultor, Zeis, Ellie, Yan & Yuan, Natalame, Blaze, Amus, Kyo, Yamori, Marianne, Svalinn, Gortius

Sero-Anya, Persenet, Karna Masta, Kelsa, Allanon, Fionna, Chloe, Aurelia, Vanila

Ulagan, Andaria, Tarok, Lydia, S’eljah, Elaina, Bayley, Gwenevere, Wannahon, Bjorn & Linlin, Shu Tsukiyama, Vektor, Dranoel, Baiken, Nagid, Limilnate, Zeruiah

Charlie, Faelan, Sennie, Serin, Rene, Utheria, Tridon, Vail & Vidron, Kawab, Haile, Sae, Kahiki, Vikki, Galea, Wintia

Kielazar, Kranus, Saskya, Xenon, Noel, Lico, Kielezar, Keres, Ensa-Taya, Savei, R&R, Semira, Ciardha, Alza Masta, Nyami, Lancelot, Theodor

Sheriff, Kassia, Tevarius, Fennia, Mikael, Chryssa, N'an Wang Mu, Zedus, Cerise, Bonnie, Zelion, Cleria, Long, Khepratum, Silvie
These key units in their respective elements. They excel in their respective roles, with some outliers having huge potential as a “jack-of-all-trades” type of unit.

It is essential to raise these units as well because they serve as good complementary pieces to your S-rank units, or even as viable replacements depending on your party composition.
BRoy, Morgana, Zegstia, Sun Tse, Azurai, Laressa, Feng, Rain, Ludero, Owen, Arus, Ruby, Rugahr, Kagiya

Odin, Joshua, Kyria, Juno Seto, Lukroar, Ceulfan, Alan, Gabriela, Solos, Lucius, Linasera, Regil, Lilith, Enile, Lauda, Krantz, Maxwell, Sefia

Nia, Avani, Nyala, Mordlim, Faelan, Ophiucus, Hisui, Fei & Fang, Libera, Dion, Edea, Eriana, Honoka & Hisa, Hetepheres

Viviane & Orah, May, Medina, Elimo, Lofia, Rickel, Lasswell, Ilm, Signas, Isniel, Tsovinar

Galtier, Katerin, Cardes, Merlin, Neferet, Zephyr, Grahdens, Yuura, Illucen & Illumina, Neviro, Ebony & Enid, Feora

Daltisk, Razak, Crash, Ordine, Rhoa, Ragra, Tate & Tama, Mordred, Ewan, Jireid
These units are good in the roles they were made for but have certain flaws that can hinder the overall synergy of your party. The flaws could range from below average stat growths to an extremely situational skill pool. They are worth raising, but their subpar growths prevent them from ascending into A-tier.

In a game like Brave Frontier where you never know what you’re going to get out of every summon, B-tier units help round out your roster for the end game. They have a niche use case, but still have high value in certain scenarios if the player knows how to use them in combination with other, higher-ranked units.
CKorzan, Baelfyr, Michele, Agnia, Afla Dillith, Adel, al-Akqat, Barion, Glenn, Lava

Rinon, Ark, Carroll, Reseus, Zekt, Leo Whitefang, Segrud, Sirius, Mora, Kira, Quentin & Quinn

Phileine, Frigg, Gandrei, Daros, Baro, Felice, Leona, Zelnite, Rozalia

Florence, Auberi, Vaisal, Savia, Selena, Lumis, Holia, Mariela

Zero, Shida, Lunaris, Yggdrasil, Zekuu, Zenia, Ragina, Elza, Dirk Rezo, Feeva, Toki,
Velma, Mifune, Zalvard, Lilly Matah, Johan

Behemoth, Vashi, Eleanor, Becstain, Lid, Kanon, Loch, Beiorg, Shera, Gilgamesh
We’ve arrived at the middle-of-the-crop. These units can get you through most of the PvE stuff in the game but are not recommended for competitive play in the Arena or Colosseum.

Consider raising these if you have terrible luck in summoning higher-tiered units. As stated, these can power you through most of the game, but you’ll have a tougher time in special events and high-level quests since these units’ stats have simply fallen off the game’s meta.
DAvant, Rahotep, Jakra, Claire, Mai Shiranui, Valen, K & K, Alessa, Malef, Kulyuk, Adriesta, Griff

Lara, Agress, Gaston, Janice, Mel, Ionia, Atro, Amadream, Miku, Jack'O, Garrel, Zellha, Izuna, Estia, Raquiel

Terry, Lanza, Mariletta, Quaid, Zevalhua, Divine Armor, Freed, Gyras, Miell, Dessit

Zeleste, Camilla, Stein, Arsom, Melord, Zalts, Hugh, Azalea, Kitsu, Tazer, Asto, Kula Diamond, Belfura, Garrett, Colt, Astrid

Kikuri, Xie'Jing, Kafka, Haido, Sonia, Mizo Dorte, Zeek, Alice, Kalon, Magress, Ramlethal

Licht, Rize, Eze, Benimaru, Balgran, Eerikki, Hallelujah, Marlo, Silas, Fizz
These units are acceptable in your roster only if you have a specific intended use for them. Overall, they wouldn’t be able to excel in any conventional party setup anyway, so think hard whether it’s worth your time to raise them or not.

You will likely pass on these most of the time because there are simply more units in their element that are better.
EShura, Lyonnesse, Barbara, Sol, Vargas, Rengaku

Elphelt, Athena Asamiya, Diastima, Logi

Daze, Nimune, Ragzbyul, Serge, Lance

Verne, Amu Yunos, Azami, Iris, Charlotte, Cotton

Luina, Gregor, Mard Geer, Iori, Ihsir

Viktor, Zora, Ky, Rayla, Draegar
Don’t bother investing in these units -- unless it’s early-game and you have no choice.

As soon as you summon other units in the upper tiers, drop these immediately as they will be completely overshadowed as early as mid-game.

Some Insight On The List

It’s interesting to see that the tiers with the least number of units are S and E. This accentuates the core of Brave Frontier’s gameplay loop: balanced luck.

It’s extremely satisfying when you summon a high-tier unit, but equally disappointing when you get one that’s at the bottom of the rankings. These moments are rare and far between though so there’s always that added suspense whenever you summon.

The fact that there are so many units in tier A compared to S shows that Brave Frontier is focused on keeping the player wanting more, while also shifting the game’s balance in favor of the player.

Sure, you can breeze through the game with A-tier units – but what would it feel like to dominate with a party of S-tiers?

This loop of expectations and rewards is what makes Brave Frontier fun to play.

It doesn’t give you the best units right away, but it also doesn’t frustrate you by giving you useless units all the time.   


This list is consistent with the latest 2020 meta and summoning pool, but some newer units may be excluded from the list.

This tier list also focuses on units the player will want to invest in when building an end-game party, meaning monsters and item units are excluded because they have other, more important uses outside of battle.

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