Injustice 2 Tier List

Use the best fighters in Injustice 2 by using this Injustice 2 tier list that we've created. Win more competitive matches for a better gaming experience.

As the sequel to the highly successful Injustice: Gods Among Us in 2013, Injustice 2 has been enhanced to deliver the best experience for competitive players.

As you play through the roster of DC characters, you will feel each fighter’s unique play style – carefully crafted by the developers. That said, not every fighter in the game was created equal. Some outclass others because of the way they were built.

If you want a definitive guide into knowing which fighter to play in competitive matches, look no further than this tier list we made.

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Injustice 2 Tier List Tier S

The best and most complete fighters in the game. All their attributes contribute to their excellent win rate in competitive matches, despite a somewhat difficult learning curve for beginners.

Fighter Trait Description
Black AdamOrbs of Seth: Summons 3 lightning orbs that circle him, that damages those who come into contact. Each orb can be shot at the opponent for minor damage. Soul of Shazam: Black Adam calls on the power of Shazam augmenting the damage of his punching attacks.You’ll notice that good zoning characters are rewarded in Injustice 2. As Black Adam is arguably the best zoner in the game, it’s no surprise he tops this list.

Apart from this, Black Adam has excellent skills that combo well into his great attack and defense stats. He has decent mix-ups for both close and long-ranged fights, to boot.
CatwomanCat Scratch: Each time Catwoman lands a Basic Attack or she dodges an attack using Feline Evade, she has a chance to have 1 Scratch added to her Scratch Meter.  You can use these Scratch stacks to perform a damaging combo, with each scratch adding a hit, up to a maximum of 5 hits.Catwoman is a light and agile fighter who devastates her opponent using quick combo chains. She doesn’t have the most powerful attacks, but her trait allows her to keep the pressure on the opponent as much as possible.

Catwoman is best utilized as a “bully” character who pits enemies in the corner with her fast attacks.
StarfireTamaranean Gift: Starfire’s trait allows her to access her signature star bolts that will extend her combos.
Star bolt: Starfire releases a straight blast of energy at the opponent, this can be extended up to 4 hits.
Starfire excels in mid to long-range distance because of her star bolts. She’s a great mix-up character with a potential for huge, damaging combos from the air or ground.
Wonder WomanStyle Change: Wonder Woman’s character trait is the ability to switch weapons from a Sword and Shield to the Lasso of Truth.Wonder Woman’s playstyle is flexible but effective. She’s good in almost all aspects of the game, including zoning, defense, and close quarters.

The only downside to Wonder Woman is her below-average speed that slightly hinders her offensive potential.
Doctor FateDark Magic: Doctor Fate will say an enchantment, making his magic attacks even stronger than before.Doctor Fate is right next to Black Adam in terms of zoning potential. He has a longer range than him but pales in close-ranged fights as a result. His trait allows him to provide burst damage as long as you stick to your combos.
BatmanMechanical Bats: Batman’s character trait is the ability to call three mechanical bats to hover around him. These bats can be used in two ways: an offensive and a defensive way.
Bat Strike: Batman summons mechanical WayneTech bats that attach to the opponent and explode.
Batman’s bats allow him to play aggressively without worrying about his openings. He’s a defensive character who can turn it up on offense at any time.


Injustice 2 Tier List Tier A

Excellent fighters that can do well in most situations. They’re not as inherently strong as S-tier fighters, but they have the tools to surpass them with practice from the player’s side.

Fighter Trait Description
Red HoodGoing Ballistic – Red Hood electrifies his pistols and uses them as blunt weapons, enabling him to use a plethora of new combos and mix-ups.Red Hood is a mix-up god once you get past his very high skill cap. He’s good at zoning, but he truly shines when using his trait to make his combos unpredictable. Players who want to succeed with Red Hood have to be willing to put the time into practice.
FirestormFirestorm enhances his flames to deal more damage and enable longer-ranged attacks.Another excellent zoner, Firestorm traps his opponents by throwing projectiles then moving to them for the punish.
Poison IvyNight Shade: Ivy summons from the ground a short dinosaur-like plant-creature, right behind where she is standing. It remains in the same spot for all of the duration and constantly spits ooze at the opponent as a projectile. Disappears when Ivy takes damage.
Burrow: Ivy commands Night Shade to go underground, charging at the opponent in a low-hitting attack and disappearing afterward.
Ivy’s trait gives an additional layer of defense and sustained offense throughout the match. She’s beginner-friendly because you can use Night Shade and Burrow to easily set up combos.
Black MantaFloat: Black Manta uses his jetpack to fly for a limited amount of time, this allows him to either open more combos or dodge attacks.Black Manta’s mobility is one of the best in the game thanks to his jetpack. He can use this to offset enemy combos or set up his own. He’s best in close-quarter combat situations but he has passable zoning tools as well.
SupergirlKryptonian Lasers: Supergirl fires her heat vision straight, up, or down. She can also use it in the air.Supergirl has great combos and a useful float ability. She’s not overly complicated to play as, which makes her a more polished fighter than the rest of the cast.
HellboyHellboy pulls out one of his medallions and gains one of the following traits based on a button input:
Broom’s Rosary: A patchy, red aura forms around Hellboy, giving him armor until the buff ends. Sustaining too much damage ends the buff early.
Agrippa’s Charm: A flaming aura engulfs Hellboy, increasing all damage dealt, except his Super Move. The effect lasts about as long as Whittier’s Amulet.
Whittier’s Amulet: A red aura forms around Hellboy reducing all damage taken. This buff lasts the longest.
Mohlomi’s Bell: A heavenly aura shines off Hellboy’s shoulders, giving him the ability to resurrect when defeated, restoring some health. The amount of health returned is based on how much Super Meter he has when defeated, however, Hellboy may only resurrect when on his second bar of health. This effect lasts the shortest out of all his buffs.
Hellboy’s trait system may be confusing at first, but they are worth learning if you want to maximize his potential.

He can activate traits for any situation, but he’s mostly regarded as a superior defensive fighter. Pick him if you find yourself losing in fights quickly.
SupermanFury of Krypton: Superman draws in more solar power from the sun, gaining a red aura around his body, which will cause all of Superman’s attacks to ignore armor and inflict increased damage for a short time.The Man of Steel himself is one of the most fundamentally-sound fighters in the game.

He has a good balance of close and ranged attacks. His trait, when used at the opportune time, can cause devastating damage to the opponent in a short burst.


Injustice 2 Tier List Tier B

Good fighters that see decent success in competitive matches. They are great counter picks in mid-rank competitive matches because most players don’t know how to deal with them.

Fighter Trait Description
FlashTime Loop: The Flash’s character trait is the ability to slow down the opponent as if the Flash was moving super fast. It enables him to perform combos that weren’t previously possible and also allows him to easily dodge attacks from his opponent.The Flash is a fan favorite, especially for beginners and it’s easy to see why. His starter combos are easy to pull off. His trait allows the player to escape tight situations or correct an error when setting up a combo chain.

As expected, Flash has very quick attacks that chain into long combos. The downside is his meager damage output.
Green ArrowTake Aim: Green Arrow’s character trait is the ability to use his arrows with a single button press. By pressing certain directional inputs with the character trait button, it allows Green Arrow to change the type of arrow he uses into one of three elemental types: Fire, Electric, and Ice.In the first Injustice, Green Arrow was the quintessential zoner. This paved the way for the developers to balance Injustice 2 around zoners. He was just that much fun to play as.

Green Arrow is a good pick in competitive matches because of his quick long-ranged attacks and his ability to set up traps. He does lack a bit in terms of combo variety, however.
AtrocitusDex-Starr: Atrocitus summons Dex-Starr to aid him in battle.
Regurgitate Rage: When summoned, Dex-Starr rushes forward and vomits blood, causing damage over time.
Dex-Starr’s Rage: When summoned, Dex-Starr attacks with a flying kick.
Having Dex-Starr as a companion boosts Atrocitus’ strength in competitive matches. Your opponent will have to deal with your close-quarters combat while also looking out for the Dex-Starr summon.
AquamanWater of Life: Aquaman’s trait allows him to recover from hit-stun quickly for a small amount of time.Aquaman’s trait is a natural combo-breaker. This is annoying to go against, especially in ranked because you won’t be able to gain any momentum. As such, Aquaman is utilized as a defensive fighter with unchained combos leading his offensive game.
DarkseidGate To Apokolips: Darkseid opens a Boom Tube and summons a Parademon from Apokolips to assist himDarkseid’s Parademon is a weaker Dex-Starr. He makes up for it with better individual prowess in close and mid-range.
RobinDeadly Arsenal: Robin’s character trait is the ability to use a variety of trap Birdarangs that can be activated remotely by pressing the button again while they are active.Because of his quick movements, Robin can easily use the “stick-and-move” strategy – going in for some shots, then quickly backing out of danger. This is useful against pressure fighters, but not so against good zoners. Robin is a good zoner himself but is handicapped if he can’t quickly close in the gap on his opponent.
Green LanternGreen Lantern’s Light/Power Ring: Increases Green Lantern’s overall damage and amplifies the power of many of his Special Moves.Green Lantern has great mid-range attacks that setup his aerials combos well. He usually finds himself open for enemy attacks, but proper positioning will remove this problem.
ScarecrowInner Fear: Scarecrow’s character trait ability is a trait that has a fear meter, which can be charged up to perform a devastating move.One of the best close-quarters combatants in the game. Scarecrow’s trait complements his fighting style perfectly. Once his fear meter is charged, he can unleash a shockwave that stuns the opponent and leaves plenty of room to start your combos.
Blue BeetleAncient Scarab: Blue Beetle can switch between his power blades and bare hands. While the power blades are active, his melee attack range and damage increase. However, he is unable to use projectile attacks while they’re active.The complexity to play Blue Beetle’s multiple play styles is greatly reduced thanks to his trait. With it, you can quickly shift styles and focus on a highly aggressive close-ranged battle or a safer strategy from a distance.
CyborgRepair Circuit: Cyborg’s character trait is the ability to regenerate health. The longer the button is held, the more health Cyborg regenerates.Cyborg is another defensive character that can survive longer in fights due to his regen trait. Seasoned veterans take advantage of every neutral play and pop this regen off for those precious health points.
Sub-ZeroIce Klone: Sub-Zero creates an ice statue of himself, which can be used as a shield or weapon.Sub-zero is a great mix-up fighter who can utilize his clones as traps, projectiles, or shields. This gives him a safe space to set up his combos to pressure the enemy into the corner.


Injustice 2 Tier List Tier C

Average heroes that you don’t see that much in highly competitive matches. If you’re experienced enough, you can pick them as a challenge, but keep in mind that you’ll have a tougher time than usual.

Fighter Trait Description
EnchantressXibalba: Enchantress summons a demon who supports her in battle, used as a shield, an explosive, or let him walk to attack the opponent.It’s nice to have a companion to fight with Enchantress but her subpar stats aren’t worth investing time to master her. Other, stronger fighters who have the same play style as her.
DeadshotLiving Weapon: Deadshot changes the ammo variation fired from his wrist-mounted guns.
Incendiary Ammo – Adds damage over time.
Explosive Ammo – Does additional damage and causes a knockdown.
Poison Ammo – Drains opponent’s super meter.
In the early days of Injustice 2, Deadshot was a solid S-tier fighter. He has since fallen off the meta because of several nerfs and other fighters catching up to him.

He still has value due to his quick projectiles, which make him a great zoner – just not as good as he once was.
Harley QuinnBud Rush: Harley throws a dog treat and either Bud or Lou will charge at the opponent. If Harley holds the button longer both Bud & Lou will charge at the opponent.Harley has great combos that flow well. The problem is her poor range which almost always leaves her vulnerable to zoners in a match.
BaneSupercharged: Venom Boost is supercharged, increasing the damage buff, but no longer adds armor to Bane’s special moves. Additionally, the withdrawal symptoms are reduced when the buff wears off.Bane is surprisingly quick for his size. He can set up his combos well and leave room for heavy punishment when the opponent makes a mistake. He’s best used in close range during his supercharged phase.
CheetahClaws of Death: Cheetah gets an active buff on all her scratch attacks.Cheetah plays like Catwoman, albeit a weaker and slower version of her. The similarities are too many to not notice and conclude that you’ll be better off playing as Catwoman instead.


Injustice 2 Tier List Tier D

Fighters that have almost fallen off the meta. Use them if you want a challenge in your competitive run.

Fighter Trait Description
Black CanaryCanary Cry: Canary’s trait allows her to access her canary cry to deal damage and also stagger the opponent for follow up attacks.Black Canary’s hitbox seems broken right now. It’s hard to tell when you’re going to be hit by the opponent. This makes positioning so hard, especially in close fights.
Captain ColdCold Gun: The Cold Gun can fire streams of ice as beams, creating ice wherever they strike.Cold’s gun is effective for starting combos, but it is so unreliable that you won’t be using it too much in competitive play.
JokerJoker’s Wild: Joker’s power is high and low parry. When you hit successful, it gives you a “ha”, each “ha” improves Joker’s walk speed and jump arcs.Joker’s trait is unique in that it affects frame data more than damage. The problem is that this value is capped so opponents can expect just how fast Joker will be even if his trait is maxed out.
Swamp ThingAbigail’s Garden: Leaves a path of grass and thorns that increase in length as Swamp Thing moves forward, once the opposing fighter is in the trap, they begin to take damage over time.Good offensive and defensive stats but Swamp Thing’s trait is so easy to dodge/block that it’s practically useless.


Injustice 2 Tier List Tier F

These are currently the worst fighters in the game and should be avoided if you want any success in competitive matches.

Fighter Trait Description
Gorilla GroddAnimal Instinct: Grodd uses telepathy to buff his overall defense and offensive stats.Grodd is too slow to bully any opponent and his hitbox is too big despite his good defensive stats.
RaidenHigh Voltage: Raiden adds additional shock damage to his combos and additional properties to his special moves for a limited time.With weak damage and poor range, Raiden performs poorly in competitive play. He simply does not have the tools to sustain wins.

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