Marvel Contest of Champions Tier List

Use the best champions in Marvel Contest of Champions in order to win more! This is the definitive Marvel Contest of Champions tier list to get you going.

With hundreds of characters spanning the entirety of the Marvel universe, Future Fight’s roster can be overwhelming to manage.

If you’re new to the game and want to know which characters to get and invest in, look no further than our tier list.

This list ranks the essential characters from best to worst. Since Future Fight tends to revolve more on endgame PvE content, we keep that in mind as we made the list.

Let’s dive right in.

Note: Only the most viable characters are included in this list. Characters who are not fit for the endgame content are excluded.

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Marvel Contest of Champions Tier List Tier S

These are currently the best champions in the game. Not all of them have the best stats, but they’re irreplaceable towards the endgame content because of their utility.

ChampionClassSignature Ability
AegonSkillAt the end of the fight, Aegon adds X% of his final Combo Meter into his Persistent Combo, up to X hits total. Aegon’s abilities that count the Combo Meter add his Persistent Combo on top of it.
ColossusMutantThe Mighty Colossus: Whenever one of Colossus’ Immunities protects him from an effect, he has an X% chance to gain an Armor Up buff, lasting 15 seconds.
GhostTechQuantum Augmentation (Passive): At the start of the fight, begin Phasing for 2 seconds. When opponents Miss, generate X% of Max Power per Miss.
Captain America (Sam Wilson)TechVibranium Enhanced Exo-8 Falcon: Redwing Lock-On lasts 2 second(s) longer, Attack Rating is increased by X and allows Captain America to inflict Ruptures from Special 2 through blocks.
When either Champion performs a Well-Timed Block, Captain America inflicts a Sapped Charge on the Opponent. When an Opponent Miss fails or when their Ability fails due to low Ability Accuracy, an instant Rupture is inflicted, dealing X Physical Damage. Damage scales with Base Attack only.
Captain America (IW)ScienceLeadership: An excellent leader, Captain America learns from his teammates gaining a unique effect, while Kinetically Charged, for each class represented on his team, excluding himself.

Mutant: X% chance on triggering a Special Attack to gain +1 Kinetic Potential.
Skill: X% chance whenever a Debuff is gained, consume 1 Kinetic Potential to Purify it.
Science: X% chance on a Well-Timed Block to place a 10% Weakness Debuff of the Opponent for 10 seconds.
Mystic: X% chance to gain 1 Kinetic Potential each time a Buff Expires or is Nullified on the Opponent.
Cosmic: X% chance on a well-timed Block to place an Armor Break Debuff on the Opponent, reducing their Armor by X for 10 seconds.
Tech: X% chance on a well-timed Block to place a 25% Petrify Debuff on the Opponent for 10 seconds.
Doctor DoomMysticIndomitable Will: This ability gives Doom a chance to Shock the Opponent when Nullifying one of their Buffs and allows him to gain Power Gain Buffs for himself.
Cosmic Ghost RiderCosmicCosmic Vengeance: The Powerlock Debuff triggered when reaching X judgments is upgraded to a Damnation Debuff dealing X damage over 5 seconds. Opponents under Damnation are also Power Locked, Heal Blocked, and Fate Sealed.
Shang-ChiSkillMaster of Kung Fu: Critical Hits deal a burst of X% of hit damage as Physical Damage. This ability is based on hit damage before checking Block Proficiency, Armor and Resistances.
Shang-Chi can perform Critical Hits through the Opponent’s Block. Personal abilities that trigger on Critical Hits will trigger through Block.
Guillotine 2099TechAdvanced A.I. Integration (Passive): When Guillotine would be struck, she has a 76.71% chance to gain a Combo Shield Passive lasting 2 seconds, plus 2 additional seconds per Digi-Soul.

While under the effect of a Combo Shield, damage from incoming attacks excluding Special 3 is capped at 10% of Guillotine’s max health.
DiabloMysticArcane Innovation: Experimentation has enhanced Diablo’s Concoctions, decreasing their Brewing time by 1 second and increasing their duration by 40%.
VoidScienceFear of the Void: When all Intimidating Presence Debuffs are at max stacks, instead of being removed, those Debuffs are converted into a Passive Fear of the Void that Combines their effects and grants Void X Attack rating for 40 seconds.

When Fear of the Void is active, Intimidating Presence generates Debuffs X% faster. Fear of the Void cannot exceed a maximum of 2 stacks.
HyperionCosmicCosmic Potential: Hyperion’s Eternal physiology becomes even more efficient at storing and converting cosmic radiation, resulting in X% increased Buff duration.
DominoMutantCritical Failure: Opponents take 753 Energy Damage over 1.5 seconds whenever their abilities have a chance to trigger but don’t. Potency decreases temporarily for consecutive triggers.
Nick FurySkillUnblockable State: While Nick has 15 or more tactical charges, he is unblockable allowing him to seriously punish his opponent.
Corvus GlaiveCosmicGlaive of Immortality: As long as Glaive’s Immunity is active, he cannot die. Instead of dying, 4 Glaive charges are removed. If Corvus Glaive performed a Well-Timed Block against that attack, 2 Glaive charges are removed instead.

If Corvus Glaive is able to spend all of his Glaive charges in less than 30 seconds since they were first activated, the cooldown to get them back is reduced by 35%.
QuakeScienceRicochet Pulse: Quake Blocks an additional X% Damage and Redirects it back to the opponent as a pulse of Physical Damage.
Magneto (Red Suit)MutantHomo Superior Mutation: Magneto’s mutation reaches Omega level, preventing him from losing more than X Health from any single damage source, excluding damage from a Special 3 Attack.
WarlockTechChild of Kvch: When Opponent’s Power is Drained or Burned: Degenerate the Opponent, dealing X direct damage over 2 second(s).
Black Widow (Claire V)SkillSubtlety: Black Widow strikes her targets with subtle, calculated grace, reducing the chance of triggering their abilities by X%.
HerculesCosmicSon of Zeus: Once per fight when receiving damage that would result in a knockout, gain an Immortality Buff preventing death and making Hercules Unblockable for X seconds. Immortality is paused during personal Special Attacks or while landing Basic Attacks and is removed if struck by Special Attack 3.
Human TorchScienceRekindle: If Human Torch has 0 Persistent Charges and his Pre-Fight Ability is not active, he has a 14.95% chance to gain 1 Persistent Charge. This chance increases by a flat 22% every time the ability fails to activate.
SunspotMutantGideon’s Experiments (Passive): Sunspot increases his maximum number of Solar Charges by X.
Kitty PrydeMutantBlack Vortex Empowerment: While Phased take no damage from any source. While Phased gain X% Defensive Combat Power Rate and pause Phasing while being struck. The first time each Personal Incinerate effect expires naturally or is Purified, it has a X% chance to retrigger itself at +X% potency. Incinerates triggered from this ability are always Passive.
ArchangelMutantIncreased Toxicity (Passive): The Neurotoxin coating Archangel’s wings and claws increases in toxicity, making each Neurotoxin charge cause an X% reduction in Ability Accuracy, and block all Regeneration on the target.
Omega RedMutantLethal Dose (Passive): Opponent has 10 or more Death Spores. Death Spores on the opponent deal X damage per second. Omega Red’s Basic Tentacle Hits have an X% chance to be Unblockable.


Marvel Contest of Champions Tier List Tier A

These champions are either good at several facets or excellent on one intended role. This makes them almost indispensable for the late game content.

ChampionClassSignature Ability
Spider-Man (Stark Enhanced)TechHero’s Mantra: Great Power (Above X% Health) – Spider-Man’s Taunts last 2 seconds longer and each charge of Poise grants him an additional X Critical Rating.
Great Responsibility (Below X% Health) – Spider-Man’s chance to Evade an attack increases by a flat +X% and each charge of Poise grants him X additional Block Proficiency.
TigraMysticWarrior Spirit: Start the fight with Primal Sense and Huntress Sense for 12 seconds.
VenomCosmicAggressive Symbiosis: Grants Venom a second Genetic Memory buff, as well as an X% chance for a third one at the start of the fight. Venom’s Genetic Memory buffs also gain +X% Potency.
Abomination (Immortal)ScienceToxic Husk: Self inflicted Poison stack limit is increased to X and Abomination self inflicts X Poisons at the start of each fight. Poison, Petrify, and Acid Burn effects last +X% longer.
Mole ManSkillGiganto Jr.’s Revenge (Passive): Gain up to X Critical Damage Rating based on missing health. Also, gain up to X Attack Rating while Unstoppable based on missing health.
NamorMutantHydrokinetic Armor (Passive): Namor takes X% reduced damage from all sources while attacking his Opponent. When Namor ends an Attack, any damage prevented by Hydrokinetic Armor is captured and sent back to the Opponent as Energy Damage.
FalconSkillExo-8: With an upgraded pack, Falcon gets Redwing ready immediately, and gains bonus Critical Chance while Redwing is Locked On.
HulkbusterTechVeronica Mk II: An upgrade to the Veronica Protocol allows Hulkbuster to activate a Self-Repair when his Health runs low. X% chance to activate a Self-Repair Buff lasting X seconds and recovering X Health. This Buff is lost if Hulkbuster is Stunned. Giant-Buster: +X Attack rating while Self-Repair is active. Iron Wall: +X% Self-Repair Potency.
Sorcerer SupremeMysticRing of Oblivion (Passive): Sorcerer Supreme gains +50% Ability Accuracy. The Potency of Blessings is increased by 33%.
MedusaCosmicLiving Strands: Medusa gains a Fury Buff every 3 seconds, up to 3 stacks, each increasing Attack by 218.11. Fury Buffs expire 14 seconds after reaching the maximum amount.

When struck twice, Medusa has a 10-90% chance to Auto Block with her hair, breaking the opponent’s combo, for the cost of 3 Fury Buffs. This can trigger Parry.
Hulk (Immortal)ScienceThe Green Door: Hulk surges with gamma energy from the Below-Place, gaining benefits while above certain thresholds of Gamma Radiation: 25%: Basic Attacks have a X% chance to inflict a Stun Debuff, lasting X second(s). 50%: When the Opponent is Immune to a Stun Effect or a Stun Effect expires, inflict a Weakness Debuff, decreasing Attack Rating by X% for 4 second(s). 75%: Inflict an indefinite Petrify Debuff, lowering Regeneration and Ability Power Rate by X%.
HavokMutantPlasma Amplification (Passive): Each time Havok gains a Plasma Charge, from any source other than this ability he has a 50% chance to gain another one.
Professor XMutantKrakoan Sovereignty:  While below 75 Channeling Charge(s), gain X Charge(s) per second. While Defending, this rate is doubled and Charges are gained for the entire fight. Gain up to X% Prowess Potency, scaling with the Opponent’s Power Meter.
KnullCosmicKing in Black: At the start of each fight, inflict +X Living Abyss Debuff(s) on the Opponent for every X Signature Levels obtained.
When Corruption activates, gain an Unstoppable and Unblockable Buff for X second(s).
While Corruption is active and the Opponent has 50% Health or less, when they would gain a Regeneration Effect, replace it with Knull’s Degeneration Debuff.
Scarlet WitchMysticVeil of Fortune: Whenever a Critical Hit occurs for either player, there’s an X% chance the Scarlet Witch triggers her chaos magic, generating 0-8 Buffs or Debuffs.
Spider-HamScienceHamming It Up: Whenever Spider-Ham Evades, he places a Porker Popper on the Opponent.
Whenever Spider-Ham is Struck while Stunned, X% chance to remove 1 Spider-Nonsense and place a non-stacking Porker Popper on the Opponent.
These Porker Poppers last for X second(s) and deal X Damage. While Spider-Nonsense is at 10, it lasts for an additional X second(s) before resetting.
Ultron (Prime)TechNano-Inhibitors (Passive): For each Armor Up effect active, Ultron releases more Nano-Inhibitors, reducing his opponent’s Offensive Ability Accuracy by X% per stack.
Magneto (Marvel Now)MutantHomo Superior Mutation: Magneto’s mutation reaches Omega level, preventing him from losing more than X Health from any single damage source, excluding damage from a Special 3 Attack.
LongshotMysticFortune Favors the Lucky: X% Chance to nullify any Buff and replace it with Bad Karma. If Longshot Nullifies a True Strike, Unstoppable, or Unblockable Buff, Longshot gains a matching Buff for X seconds.
NebulaTechFirmware Refactoring: While the opponent is suffering from at least 1 Shock Debuff, Nebula’s attacks gain +X% Combat Power Rate.
Proxima MidnightCosmicUltimate Mission: Reach 100 hits on the Combo Meter. When this mission is complete, she gains a Fury Buff for every mission completed at that time, each increasing her Attack Rating by 182-607 for the rest of the fight.
HelaCosmicGoddess of Death: At the start of the fight each Champion on Hela’s team that is knocked out grants her +25 Spirits. The first time Hela would be knocked out in each fight, she gains an Indestructible Buff, that lasts for 5 seconds.
MysterioTechLethal Gas (Passive): Mysterio generates 1 Chemical Gas every X seconds.
NimrodTechZero Tolerance: Eradicate Protocol grants Unblockable Special Attacks and increases the Potency and Duration of Special Attack effects by X%.
If attacking against a Mutant, Nimrod’s Abilities generate +1 Armor Up whenever gaining a personal Armor Up.  If Defending, instead gain +1 Armor Up per Mutant on the Attacker’s team.
StryfeMutantSubstantial Psionic Power: When gaining Telepathic Charges from any source other than this ability Stryfe has a X% chance to gain +1 additional charge.
Whenever the Opponent Glances a Basic Attack Stryfe has a X% chance to Activate his Special 1 Invisibility for 3 seconds. Winning a fight converts X% of Telepathic Charges into Persistent Telepathic Charges.
MagikMysticDarkchyld (Passive): After filling a bar of Power, Magik has a 25% chance to enter a state of Limbo for 3 seconds. The chance increases by 12.5% after filling 2 bars, and by 25% after filling 3 bars. Based on the current Signature Level, chances are increased by X%.
Spider-Man 2099SciencePersistent Ruptures: Ruptures have X% chance to not be consumed when a Burst of Physical Damage triggers. +X% Combat Power Rate while the Opponent is affected by a Wither Debuff.
Cull ObsidianCosmicEnforced Oblivion: Once Cull Obsidian’s Rout Buff has expired, it goes into cool down, and can be reactivated after 15 seconds. When Rout enters cool down, Cull’s aggression is awarded a Fury Buff, granting +X Attack for 5 seconds. This Buff gains +0.5 seconds duration for each hit landed while Rout was active.
GuardianTechWeapon Alpha: While Guardian has an Armor Up effect, gain the following effects:
+X Block Proficiency
+X Energy Resistance
+X% Bleed Resistance
+X Critical Damage Resistance
Symbiote SupremeMysticSymbiomancy: Every X seconds place a Stagger Passive effect on the Opponent, lasting X seconds. Stagger will immediately Nullify the next Buff triggered on the Opponent.
She-HulkScienceCiting Precedent: She-Hulk researches her opponent endlessly and takes away much of their power allowing her to place a Passive effect on them, reducing a specific stat by X% based on which Class they are.
Captain MarvelCosmicBinary Durability: While Binary Ignition is active Captain Marvel gains an Indestructible Buff for X seconds. This ability can be activated again after a X second cooldown.

The Indestructible Buff and half of Captain Marvel’s Energy Charges are removed when struck by a Special Attack.
ApocalypseMutantSurvival Of The Fittest: When Apocalypse doesn’t participate in a fight he enters his Rejuvenation Chamber to slumber. At the start of his next fight, he Regenerates X health for each fight his teammates won while he slumbered. This can stack up to 2 times.


Marvel Contest of Champions Tier List Tier B

Good champions that have great placements to round out your team.

ChampionClassSignature Ability
DarkhawkTechNull Space Upgrades: Darkhawk’s Raptor Armor gains its power directly from Null Space, improving the Armor’s major abilities.
Doctor VoodooMysticBrother Daniel: Brother Daniel will possess either Doctor Voodoo or his opponent moving between them based on Doctor Voodoo’s combo meter when he uses a Special Attack.
Vision (Aarkus)CosmicSmoke and Mirrors:
Whenever Aarkus gains a non-Damaging Debuff, he has a X% chance to Purify one of each non-Damaging Debuff on him. This cannot trigger more than once every Xseconds
Hulk (Ragnarok)SciencePollice Verso: Once per fight when either Hulk (Ragnarok) or his opponent hit X% Health remaining, the crowd judges that fighter’s performance. If they feel they fought well, they give a Thumbs Up. If they feel they fought poorly, a Thumbs Down. Each judgement grants Hulk a Passive effect.

Thumbs Up: Regenerate X Health on Hulk over X Seconds.

Thumbs Down: +X Attack for the rest of the fight.
BladeSkillVampiric Immortality: When Holding Block while below 70% Health, Blade’s healing factor allows him to recover X Health for the cost of 30-50% of a Bar of Power per second.
IcemanMutantAbsolute Zero: Iceman harnesses his Cryokinesis to chill the air around him to freezing temperatures. This causes his opponent to start the fight with a Coldsnap active, dealing X Energy Damage over 12 seconds and preventing them from Evading attacks. Additionally, Iceman can reform his Ice Armor 3 seconds faster.
Emma FrostMutantWhite Queen: When Telepath Form is active and Emma Frost would lose more than X% of her Max Health from a single source, she activates Diamond Form for 3 seconds to reduce the damage. This ability activates before checking Armor and Resistances.
When Emma Frost uses a Special Attack, the opponent’s controls are reversed until just after the end of the attack
Silver SurferCosmicEnergies of the Universe: All Buffs on Silver Surfer have 5-50% increased Potency.
Spider-Man (Stealth Suit)SkilledS.H.I.E.L.D. Enhanced Spider: Increases the Potency of Fury Passives by X%.
SentinelTechAnalysis Upgrade: When the target activates a Special Attack, and it matches the previously activated Special Attack, Sentinel gains 20 Analysis Charges.
Red HulkScienceSecond Strike: General Ross prepares to cross the line in the sand, beginning the fight with X Heat Charges, ready and for each charge he gains X Physical Resistance
Additionally, each Heat Charge provides X% Incinerate Damage Resistance.
The HoodMysticDark Dealing: With some help from Dormammu, the Hood learns to better harness his demonic equipment. While his Invisibility is cooling down, the Hood becomes Stun Immune and his basic attacks have an X% chance to Steal 10% of the opponent’s Power.
GambitMutantRagin’ Cajun: Le Diable Blanc gains increased Critical Damage from his Prowess Buffs, and gets an upgrade to his flak jacket to make it last longer in battle.
Jabari PantherSkillChosen of Ghekre: The duration of the Hunt is increased by X second(s).
Whenever Jabari Panther would gain a Huntress Charge while the Hunt is active, she instead gains an indefinite Counterpunch Charge. Max Charges starts at 1, and increases by 1 for every X signature levels obtained.
A Counterpunch Charge is spent to gain Unstoppable for X second(s) when Blocking an Attack, and all are lost when the Hunt ends.
CarnageCosmicBloodlust (Passive): The sight and smell of blood trigger Carnage’s bloodlust, granting a Power Gain Buff when activating a Bleed or Armor Break on the opponent that lasts as long as the Opponent is Bleeding or Armor Broken. The Power Gain grants up to X% of a Bar of Power per second based on how close Carnage is to the Bleeding or Armor Broken opponent.
GuillotineMysticAncestors’ Strength: The Souls of her ancestors empower Guillotine further, granting a 10% chance to steal X% Damage dealt as Health for every 4 Souls she possesses. Minimum X% Health steal regardless of current Soul count.
Star-LordTechTactician: As blows are exchanged, Star-Lord familiarizes himself with opponent’s techniques, increasing Attack by X for each hit of the Combo Meter to a maximum of X hits. Star-Lord gains X Block Proficiency for every hit of his opponent’s Combo Meter.
WaspScienceQuantum Evade: 20% increased flat chance to shrink and Counter Attack when attacked by the opponent. Additionally, the duration that Counter Attack is disabled after shrinking is reduced by 60%.
SabretoothMutantUntamed Heart: When Attacked:

Sabretooth gains a Passive Regeneration stack that recovers 20-60% of the damage taken from the hit over 30 seconds and is interrupted if Sabretooth is Heal Blocked. Fury and Regeneration effects receive a permanent +60-100% flat Ability Accuracy. If Sabretooth does not hit or get struck by the opponent for more than 5 seconds, he starts losing Regeneration stacks over time.
Doctor OctopusTechAcademic Background:

Physics: Drain 100% of Power Gained and Steal 10% of the Power Drained.
Chemistry: Deal Direct Damage equal to 100% of health gained and Lifesteal 20% of the damage done.
Biology: Gain the standard Biology Breakthrough Armor Up and X Armor Penetration while it’s active.
MojoMysticBig Mojo Energy (Passive): When Mojo activates his Anti-Life Field, if he has at least 5 million followers, he also gains a Fury Buff for the duration of his Anti-Life Field, increasing Attack Rating by +1756.51.
Luke CageScienceTough it Out: When Attacked: The first time Luke Cage is struck during a fight his bullet-proof skin allows him to become Indestructible and ignore all incoming damage for X seconds. This ability can be activated again after a 45-26 seconds cooldown.
ThorCosmicRagnarok (Passive): Stunning the Thunder God infuriates him, increasing his Attack by 30% for 4.5 seconds. Additionally, Stunning his opponents tears apart enemy Armor, reducing it by X%.
Hit MonkeySkillThe Monkey, The Myth, The Legend (Passive): While the Opponent is below 25% Health or is a #Mercenary, Hit-Monkey Passively reduces their Defensive Ability Accuracy by 40%.
Storm (Pyramid X)MutantWrath of Ororo Munroe: While below X% of her maximum health, Storm activates both Tempests.
Red GoblinComicSymbiotic Empowerment: Norman Osborn and the Carnage Symbiote form a powerful bond.
While Frenzy is Active:
Special Attacks generate +1 Symbiote Buff with X% reduced Potency.
SasquatchMysticOld Beast of the North: When below 40% of max health getting struck by a Contact Attack has a 70% chance to activate Sasquatch’s healing factor, Passively Regenerating 5% of missing health over 20 seconds. Max stacks 3.

During Wrath of Tanaraq Sasquatch becomes Passively Unstoppable during Special and Heavy Attacks and the Opponent’s Defensive Combat Power Rate is reduced by 70% when struck by these Attacks.
CrossbonesSkillHYDRA Training: Whenever Brock Rumlow gets a Debuff, his brutal HYDRA training kicks in and allows him an X% chance to shrug it off and convert it into a Fury effect. The chance is increased by 15% when fighting Science Champions and decreased by 15% when fighting Mutant Champions.
Punisher 2099TechRetribution 2099: A last-minute upgrade to Punisher 2099’s arsenal allows him to begin each fight with an additional X% charge in his Nano-Tech Battery and also gains a new Nano-Tech Automatic Effect.
Opponent hits max Power Meter – X% of the Battery is drained to drain X% of the opponent’s Power and Power Lock them for 8 seconds.
Spider-GwenScienceEnhanced Weave: While in Hunter Spider Mode, Gwen’s critical hits have an X% chance to deal double damage. While in Trap Spider Mode, Gwen’s critical hits have an X% chance to weaken foes, lowering their attack by 20% for 7 seconds.
Black Panther (Classic)SkillLacerate: T’Challa’s fists give way to cat-like claws, carving limitless lacerations in his targets with an X% chance, each dealing X% of your Attack as direct damage over 7 seconds.
TerraxCosmicGalactus’ Favor: If Terrax has less than 1 Power Cosmic at the start of a fight, he gains 2. Terrax starts each fight with his Rock Field active and 66% of his max power.
Spider-Man (Miles Morales)ScienceWhatever a Spider Can: Spider-Challenges

Each time Miles completes a Spider-Challenge he gains a Passive Fury increasing Attack Rating by +X for 12 seconds. Additionally, he may now complete Spider-Challenges multiple times during the fight instead of just once each. However, each Spider-Challenge can still only grant 1 Spider-Sense Charge.
ToadMutantParalytic Resins: Gain an indefinite Passive Prowess increasing Special Attack damage by X% when a personal Stun or Poison, or the Stun from the Parry Mastery, is Purified or fails to trigger due to immunities. Max 10 stacks.
At 10 Prowess, consume all Prowess to inflict a Passive Stun for 2 seconds when a Poison fails to trigger due to immunity. This effect cannot interrupt a Special Attack.
+X% Passive Stun duration if triggered by a Tongue Attack.
War MachineTechEmpty the Clip: War Machine readies all remaining ordnance if Health drops below 20%, granting up to 90% increased Armor and X% increased Attack for the next 12 hits.
BishopMutantForesight: Gain a unique bonus based on how full the bars of Power are at the start of the fight.
Venom The DuckCosmicSymbiosis Apotheosis: Twisted mutations grant the Aberration effect X% charge at the start of the fight, as well as the following Special Attack enhancements:
+X% siphon damage during Special 1.
Toxic Armor gains +X% duration.
X% Aberration charge is gained after Special 3.
Invisible WomanScienceVanishing Act: Invisible Woman turns Invisible at the start of the fight, but it is not Paused. 50% chance to turn Invisible whenever Invisible Woman is knocked down.

Whenever the Opponent Misses, the Force Field gains back 5% of its starting value.
Thor (Ragnarok)SkillRenewed Spark: Thunder God’s Wrath is enhanced to provide +X Attack Rating.
Additionally, each Shock Debuff on the opponent causes them to suffer -X% Ability Accuracy.
VisionTechSynthesis: The only known Synthezoid, the Vision is capable of synthesizing X Power periodically during battle.
MorningstarMysticSoul Link: Morningstar’s weapon grants her a link to her Opponent’s soul, allowing her to feed on its power, strengthening herself, while weakening them.
OdinCosmicProtector of Nine Realms: When either Odin or his Opponent are knocked down, if the Opponent has any of the following Buffs, Odin gains a corresponding Buff, lasting 10 second(s).
Max X stack(s) each:
Fury Buff, increasing Attack Rating by X.
Armor Up Buff, increasing Armor Rating by X.
Resist Physical Buff, increasing Physical Resistance by X.
Resist Energy Buff, increasing Energy Resistance by X.
Critical Resistance Buff, increasing Critical Resistance by X.
VenompoolCosmicContinuity Memory: Every 6 seconds, the symbiote known as Venom has an X% chance to access Deadpool’s bizarre mind and grant him a random beneficial effect for a short time.
SersiCosmicAncient Molecular Control: While Sersi’s Glancing Buff is active, Glanced hits grant a Regeneration Buff healing X% of damage taken per Transmutation over 3 seconds. This ability activates before checking Armor and Resistances and cannot be triggered by Blocking. Transmutation Buffs that exceed the maximum do not count towards this ability.
Gain a Power Gain Buff, generating X% of a Bar of Power over 1.50 seconds each time Sersi’s Fury or Glancing Buffs expire or are Nullified.
King GrootCosmicUnyielding Might: Whenever King Groot falls into Cool Down, he immediately begins to focus on rapidly repairing his cellular damage, granting him a Regeneration Buff and recovering X Health over the duration of the Cool Down.
IkarisCosmicEnergy Backblast: Every time an Opponent tries to apply an effect on Ikaris that he is immune to, inflict an Energy Vulnerability Passive, decreasing Energy Resistance by X for 10 second(s). Max 10 stacks
GwenpoolSkillPlot Armor: Gwenpool’s read enough comics to know that the main character doesn’t die, preventing her from losing more than X% of her current health per hit from Special Attacks. She also reduces her opponent’s Defensive Ability Accuracy, based on her current combo count.
HawkeyeSkillHemorrhage: Landing a Critical Hit with an Arrow Shot will cause any personal Bleed Debuff triggered to become a Critical Bleed, multiplying the Bleed’s Potency by Hawkeye’s Critical Damage Multiplier.
Additionally each Bleed Debuff on the opponent reduces their Physical Resistance by X.
Elsa BloodstoneSkillHuntress of the Contest: When Fighting Science Champions, Critical Hits with Hellfire Rounds deal an additional X damage. When Fighting #Large or #Extra Large Champions, Critical Hits with Behemoth Busters deal an additional Xdamage.
Elsa’s Critical Damage Rating is increased by X when fighting the final node in a Quest.
Black Widow (Deadly Origin)SkillRed Room Training: Increase the potency of Sabotage Debuffs, increasing Direct damage done when abilities fail to trigger by X%.
Increase the duration of Sabotage Debuffs by X%.
Landing hits while Widow’s Insight is active pauses Sabotage Debuffs for X seconds.
KravenSkillEntrapment: While the Opponent is Rooted Dash Attacks grant a Trample Passive, making the attack Unblockable except against Well-Timed Blocks
While the Opponent is Rooted all Bleeds are Critical Bleeds, multiplying their Potency by X% of Kraven’s Critical Damage.
Silver CenturionTechImproved Lock-On: Silver Centurion’s personal Shock and Plasma Debuffs become Passives and their duration is increased by X%.
While Locked-On Block Proficiency is increased by +X
Civil WarriorTechArc Shield (Passive): An upgrade to Civil Warrior’s Arc Shield grants him 2 Armor Up charges at the start of the fight, each increasing Armor Rating by X for 2 seconds. Additionally, he receives X% Special Damage resistance while Blocking. +30% when fighting Mutant Champions.
ThingScienceUnbreakable Spirit: While Heavy Attack Charging:

Thing activates Protection for the next 5 second(s), reducing all damage by 70%, plus +1% for each Rock Stack. Once this ability finishes, it goes into cooldown and cannot be reactivated for 20 seconds.

Unbreakable Spirit will also trigger when Thing is Stunned. Unbreakable Spirit will also trigger when the Opponent would deal 300% or more of their Attack Rating with a Basic Attack, or 300% or more of their Attack Rating with a Special Attack Hit. This trigger ignores the ability cooldown.
Red GuardianScienceEnhanced Combat Durability: Maximum Durability for the Ablative Shield is increased by +1 for every 40 signature levels obtained. Max increase of +5. Well-Timed blocks also have a 100.00% chance to prevent Durability loss.
Joe FixitScienceDouble Down (Passive): Mr. Fixit knows how to play the tables and swing the odds in his favor. Each time he rolls on Gambler’s Ruin, he has an X% chance to Double Down and gains a second poker suit for 7 seconds.
Mister FantasticScienceThe Smartest Man in the Battlerealm: Mister Fantastic’s Offensive Power Rate is increased by X% for each Careful Study Passive on the Opponent.
Mister Fantastic gains an additional flat X% chance to Evade any Unblockable attack. This increases by X% every time the Opponent starts an Unblockable hit, capped at X% for basic attacks.
Anti-VenomScienceControlled Symbiosis: Anti-Venom gains a Passive Regeneration stack that recovers X% of the Attack Damage taken from a non-Critical Hit over 20 seconds and is interrupted if the Klyntar Debuff is Purified.
Personal Debuff potency is increased by X% for every X hits in the Combo Meter from either Champion. Non-personal Debuffs are increased by X% for every X hits in the Combo Meter. Effect caps at X hits.


Marvel Contest of Champions Tier List Tier C

These are average champions that are only viable for the endgame content if you build your party around them. Otherwise, try to swap them out for better ones.

ChampionClassSignature Ability
RoninSkillUnrelenting Agility: While at 7 Cruelty Passives, Ronin gains Evasion on the next incoming hit for 2.00 seconds. Removes 3 Cruelty Passives when Ronin Evades an attack. Successful Evades do not grant Stance Abilities.
When Ronin Evades an attack, gain a Fury Passive increasing Attack Rating by X for 12 seconds.
Squirrel GirlSkillTippy-Toe Level Up!: Squirrel Girl starts each fight with 40 hits in her Combo Meter.
When Tippy-Toe inflicts an Instant Bleed, each Bleed Debuff has a 70% chance to be refreshed instead of being removed.
RogueMutantPsyche Absorption: Absorbing the very fabric of the enemy psyche, every Life or Power Steal has a chance to be Critical, increasing the amount absorbed.
JubileeMutantPrincess of Pyrotechnics: Each time one of Jubilee’s personal Debuffs expires on the Opponent, deal a burst of X Energy Damage.
Each time the Opponent Purifies any Debuff, deal a burst of X Energy Damage.
Night ThrasherSkillBoard to Death (Passive): Heavy Attacks have a 35% chance per active Gadget Debuff to inflict Taunt, reducing the opponent’s Attack by 40% and increasing their Special Attack Activation chance by 70% for 10 seconds.
MasacreSkillEnthusiastic Punishment: Mascare’s fervor for the job grants him the following:
+(X – X)% Combat Power Rate while attacking.
+(X – X) Critical Rating.
Winter SoldierSkillEMP Upgrade: An upgrade to Bucky’s bionic arm grants his Critical Hits a 15% chance to Power Drain the opponent for X% of the target’s max Power. The amount drained increases based on Critical Hit Damage.
Daredevil (HK)SkillSinner or Saint: Murdock Boy – Exiting this mode has a 100% chance to grant a stacking 17 second Rage Debuff with no effect.
Stick’s Apprentice – While in this mode, attacks reduce the amount of damage the opponent can deal with Passive effects when they’re being struck by 100% for 0.20 seconds.
KorgSkillRock Hard Thorns: While Rock Shield is active and Korg is struck by a Medium, Heavy or Special Attack that makes contact, X Physical Damage is inflicted to the opponent. This ability does not activate if the opponent’s hit deals Energy Damage and Mutant Champions take 25% less damage.
While Rock Shield is active, Korg has a 65% chance to shrug off Debuffs and gain one Rock Shield charge for each Debuff shrugged off this way.
Black Widow (OG)SkillSubtlety: Black Widow strikes her targets with subtle, calculated grace, reducing the chance of triggering her opponent’s abilities by 80%. This chance is increased by 15% against Science Champions, and decreased the same against Mutants.
KillmongerSkillReverberation: – Vibranium Armor reverberates incoming damage back to the opponent. Vibranium Armor activates Reverberation for 8 seconds, dealing damage back to the opponent when Killmonger is Struck or Blocks an attack. Damage is based on Killmonger’s stored Power at the time of activation, inflicting up to 60-140% of the incoming damage as Physical Damage. Reverberation has a 8 second cooldown timer after expiring.
When both Reverberation and True Strike are active, Killmonger gains X-X Attack Rating when hitting opponents.
TaskmasterSkillIntuitive Pattern Recognition – As Taskmaster fights each opponent he gains greater and greater understanding of their combat style as well as their most likely reactions, making it progressively more difficult for them to use even their most potent powers against him.
Increases Concussion Debuffs Durations by 4 second(s). Each time Taskmaster Successfully triggers Exploit Weakness it places a Concussion Debuff on his Opponent reducing their Ability Accuracy by 10% for 6 seconds, and resetting the Duration of any currently active Concussions caused by this ability.
If Taskmaster places 5 Concussions on his Opponent simultaneously, they convert into a Passive effect which reduces Ability Accuracy by 50% for 15 seconds, counts as 5 Debuffs for Taskmaster’s other Abilities, and removes the Exploit Weakness cooldown timer. While this effect is active, Taskmaster will not trigger additional Concussion Debuffs.
Old Man LoganMutantOld Scars: Whenever Logan gains one of his 0 Damage Passive Bleeds, it has a 61.7% chance to gain a +400% duration Logan’s first Special Attack each fight gains X Attack rating
SauronMutantDoctor’s Gift: After the start of the fight, if the Opponent attempts to inflict a Bleed, or Incinerate effect while a Degeneration Passive is active, inflict the Opponent with a Passive version of that effect dealing +X damage over 2 seconds. Increase personal Prowess Passive Potency by a flat 10%.
Wolverine (X-23)MutantFrenzy: Anytime the opponent has 3 or more Bleed stacks or Wolverine (X-23) has 3 or more Cruelty stacks, her assassin training kicks in, telling her to finish them off, increasing Critical Rating and Critical Damage Rating by X.
CableMutantTechno Organic Virus Suppression: Cable’s immense mutant powers are hampered by having to constantly keep the techno organic virus in check. As the strength of the virus wanes, Cable has a 40% chance to gain 16.5% Power over 10 seconds, each time he fills a bar of power.
PsylockeMutantPsi-Feedback:  Psylocke’s psionically empowered strikes can disrupt her opponent’s nervous system reducing their Defensive Ability Accuracy by 65% when they have 0 Power.
Gain up to X bonus Critical Damage Rating the lower your opponent’s current Power.  
Mister SinisterMutantEngineered Perfection: Each time Mister Sinister defeats an opponent, he extracts their genetic code, gaining a different Passive ability for the rest of the quest depending on the defeated Champion’s Class.
Rocket RaccoonTechFurocity (Passive): Rocket makes its fur fly with up to X% increased Critical Hit Rate for every ten consecutive Combo hits.
VultureTechThermal Absorption (Passive): Vulture upgrades his suit to convert excess heat into power allowing him to start the fight at full Chitauri Energy and absorb any Incinerate Debuff applied to him, using it to fill his Chitauri Energy.
Iron Man (IW)TechDeflector Protocol: Once per fight, Iron Man’s Model 50 suit executes an emergency protocol if attacked while 15% Health or less remains, creating a hardened exterior by instantly granting 8 stack(s) of Molecular Armor.
While 15% Health or less remains and Iron Man is under the effects of an Armor effect, the suit generates 6.6% Power per second and has a 100% chance to Auto-Block attacks without consuming Armor. This Auto-Block triggers Parry.
Psycho-ManTechMicroverse Overlord: Whenever an Opponent’s Ability fails to trigger while they’re suffering from one of Psycho-Man’s Concussions, they are inflicted with a Heal Block Debuff for X second(s).
If they are already Heal Blocked, and have been so for at least 0.5 second(s), they are Power Locked for 6.00 second(s) instead. Whenever the Opponent Heals while Heal Blocked, or gains Power while Power Locked, Psycho-Man gains X% of a Bar of Power, scaling up or down with how much Health or Power they would have gained.
Howard The DuckTechQuack-Fu: If Howard is fighting in any fight with a Class Advantage, he breaks out his legendary Quack-Fu to gain the following:
Critical Resistance equal to 40% of Howard’s Armor Rating. Base Ability Accuracy of 115% instead of the normal 100% Incoming Debuffs suffer -1.3 second(s) duration.
YonduTechCentaurian Archery: Yondu’s high-octave vocal range gives him precise control over his yaka arrows. Enemies activating a Special Attack suffer Weakness for each Debuff effect they’re suffering from at the time of the activation, reducing Attack by 30% for 5 seconds.
KangTechKang Armor: Kang’s Power level fuels his neuro-kinetic suit of armor, endowing him with up to X Armor Rating based on stored Power.
SentryScienceMolecular Reformation – Reality Warps persist from fight to fight and Sentry has a chance to gain Indestructible when he loses a Combo. When Sentry loses his Combo, he has a 100% chance to become Indestructible for 0.3 seconds per Reality Warp. Indestructible doesn’t trigger if Sentry is afflicted with a Debuff.
At the start of a fight, if Health is above 0%, Reality Warps persist with Sentry from the previous fight.
YellowjacketScienceHostile Takeover:
Special 1: Power Sting has a 100% chance to inflict a 2.10 second Stun Debuff if it expires after lasting its full duration.
Special 2: Gain +5 Core Charge when Petrify ends.
Special 3: Power Sting has a 100% chance to re-apply itself once triggered. Chance decreases by 0% each time this happens.
M.O.D.O.K.ScienceMaster Plan – Blocking and Auto-Blocking are enhanced, especially if M.O.D.O.K. has already defeated an enemy of the same Class. Force Fields have +128 Block Proficiency for each Class defeated within the same Quest, plus a unique Block bonus for subsequent fights against that Class:

Mutant Champions: Take 16% less Special Attack damage.
Tech Champions: Gain 5% max Power when struck.
Cosmic Champions: Take 5% less damage per unique enemy Buff.
Mystic Champions: Steal 5% max Power when struck.
Science Champions: Take 5% less damage per unique Debuff.
Skill Champions: Why bother? They’re not even superhuman!
Ebony MawMysticDeteriorating Mind: When the Opponent Misses an attack they are inflicted with a Degeneration Passive, dealing X to X damage over 1 second(s).
While the Opponent is suffering from a Falter Debuff their Auto-Block Ability Accuracy is reduced by 100% and Ebony Maw gains X to X% Ability Power Rate.
Man-ThingMysticStrength of the Swamp: If Man-Thing is at or above 50% Health it has a 100% Chance to trigger a Fury Buff, increasing its Attack by X to X for 10 second(s). If Man-Thing is below 50% Health it has a 100% Chance to trigger a Regeneration Buff regaining X to X Health over 10 seconds.
The OverseerScienceRetaliation: If an Opponent ability fails due to his personal immunity or reduced Ability Accuracy they take a burst of X Physical Damage and the Overseer gains one Gamma Power. This Damage scales with Base Attack Only. This effect has a 1 second cooldown.
Striking the Opponent while they are recovering from Heavy or Special Attacks Attacks deal a burst of X Physical Damage. This effect has a 1 second cooldown.
AbominationScienceIrradiate: Contact with Abomination’s gamma-irradiated body has a 25.03% chance to Poison the target, reducing their Health recovery by 30% and dealing X Direct Damage over 12 seconds.
Ghost RiderMysticSpirit of Vengeance: Finish a 5 Hit Combo with a Medium Attack Judgment of Corruption: 65% Chance
Secondary: Ghost Rider gains a burst of  (25 – 100%) Attack for 7.5 seconds.
MephistoMysticBurning Aura – Mephisto burns with anger when getting struck, activating his Aura of Incineration around himself.
When Attacked, Mephisto burns with anger, having a 5 – 14.98% chance to activate his Aura of Incineration for 4 seconds. +120% of the above chance on Well Timed Blocks. Mephisto is immune to Passive Ability Accuracy Modifications.
PurgatoryMysticEternal Damnation: Winning the fight during Demonic Rampage or with a Special Attack instantly captures the Opponent’s Soul. The duration of the Mystic, Cosmic, and Skill Souls is increased by 35%. The potency of the Tech and Mutant Souls is increased by the same percent.
RonanCosmicEdict (Passive): The Supreme Accuser judges the target, punishing them for their use of beneficial effects with X% increased Attack and Stun durations.
NovaCosmicThe Human Rocket: Nova’s Medium Attacks gain up to X Bonus Attack Rating based on the distance travelled in the last executed dash.
At 75+ Nova Charges: Nova’s Auto Block triggers the Parry Mastery. This effect cannot interrupt Special Attacks.
The duration of Buffs is increased by 80%.
Super-SkrullCosmicSelf Sustaining Power: While in Cosmic Energy Overload, Super-Skrull gains a Power Gain Buff, granting 3.55% of a Bar of Power per second.
AnnihilusCosmicTremble Before Me (Passive): When Annihilus’ Opponents back is near a wall, Annihilus gains 1 Passive Aptitude Effect, increasing the Potency of all Fury, Armor Up, and Precision Buffs by X%.
Captain MarvelCosmicBinary Durability: While Binary Ignition is active Captain Marvel gains an Indestructible Buff for X seconds. This ability can be activated again after a X second cooldown.

The Indestructible Buff and half of Captain Marvel’s Energy Charges are removed when struck by a Special Attack.
Spider-Man (Symbiote)CosmicSymbiotic Enhancement: The strange alien Symbiote grants Spider-Man enhanced Spider Senses whenever he activates a special attack, granting 40.01% Evasion for 8 seconds.
HeimdallCosmicAll Seeing: Heimdall gains a 100% chance to trigger a Precision Buff increasing Critical Rating by X and lasting for 10 seconds, each time a True Strike Buff activates on him.
GamoraCosmicAssassination: A X% chance that Gamora’s Godslayer blade deals a lethal blow, striking for massive Critical Hit Damage.
Ms. MarvelCosmicEnergy Absorption: Attack is increased by X based on stored Power. In addition, blocking partially absorbs energy-based attacks, fueling Ms. Marvel’s Power Meter.


Marvel Contest of Champions Tier List Tier D

These champions have almost fallen off the current meta. As such, it’s advisable to drop them as early as possible.

ChampionClassSignature Ability
Red SkullTechCube Affinity (Passive): While Heavy Charging, generate X% Power per second and Heavy Charging can be held for an extended duration.
PhoenixCosmicRight of the Phoenix (Passive): Once per fight when the Phoenix would be knocked out, she immediately becomes invulnerable for 2 seconds, and consumes all of her Phoenix Force charges, regaining X% health per charge. After which she gains 1 Phoenix Force charges.
Captain America WW2ScienceSafeguard (Passive): The chance to Perfectly Block all damage increases by up to X% while opponents are under beneficial effects.
Daredevil (Classic)SkillRadar Sense: With acute sensory perception more attuned than even Spider-Man, Daredevil evades projectiles with an X% chance.
GoldpoolMutantDouble Regen = Double Fun: Increased regeneration.
America ChavezMysticSuper Charged: If at least 3 unique Dimensions are active, America Chavez becomes Supercharged, granting the following bonuses:
+X% Dimensional Energy Infusion potency.
Launching a Special 2 during a Heavy Attack provides +1 stack of whichever Dimension was activated.
Agent VenomSkillKlyntar Rage: At the beginning of the fight, and whenever Flash loses 50% of his Max Health, he temporarily loses control of the Venom symbiote, increasing attack by X. This effect is lost once he is struck 5 times.
While under Klyntar Rage, Flash also gains X Critical Damage Rating
BeastMutantCHAIN COMBO: Beast is able to execute different chain combos based on his current combat form.
While in Freestyle combat form, performing a Medium hit followed by a Light, Light, Light and Medium combo inflicts Direct damage per blow for up to X% of your Attack based on Signature level. Successfully completing the combo increases Beast’s Critical chance by 25% for 5 seconds.
While in Acrobatic combat form, Blocking an attack followed by a Medium, Light, Light, Medium combo Regenerates up to X% of Beast’s maximum Health per move, based on Signature level. Additionally on Combo Success, opponents get 50% less Power when getting hit and attacking for 5 seconds.
When unsuccessfully performing a combo, there will be a 5 second delay before you can start a new combo.
NightcrawlerMutantNEYAPHEM HERITAGE: Nightcrawler’s unique heritage, coupled with his X-Men training, allows him to switch his combat mode 0.3 seconds faster. Additionally, anytime he strikes a Deep Wound, he gains (15 – 35%) increased Attack for 7 seconds.
StormMutantConduit: As Power surges and flows through her target, so too do her bolts of lightning, increasing Storm’s Special Damage by up to X based on how full her opponent’s Power Meter is upon impact.
DraxCosmicEnthrall: Fury fascinates The Destroyer, granting a fixed 12% chance to cumulatively increase Attack by X for 6 seconds with each activation.
Ultron (Classic)TechNano-Inhibitors: For each Armor Up effective active, Ultron (Classic) releases more Nano-Inhibitors, reducing his opponent’s Offensive Ability Accuracy by 28.04% per stack.
Green GoblinTechOscorp Weaponry – Green Goblin gains access to the Super Bomb that allows him to activate his entire Bag of Tricks at once.
15-34% chance per bar of Power to activate a Super Bomb which causes all Bag of Tricks effects to trigger instead of the standard Pumpkin Bomb effect; however, the Special 3 attack still has a chance to trigger both Super Bomb and Pumpkin Bomb effects.
The ChampionCosmicPrimal Fury: When at least one of his Fury Buffs is active, The Champion unleashes the full potential of The Power Primordial. This increases the Potency of his Armor Break by 150%. Additionally, when he activates 2 or more of his Fury Buffs, he becomes Unstoppable, shrugging off the impact of the opponent’s Basic Attacks for 5 seconds.
While attacking or defending on the final node in a Quest, for each active Fury Buff and while his Unstoppable Buff is active, he regenerates X% of the damage taken this fight per second, excluding the amount already regenerated by this ability. This ability can regenerate up to a maximum of 5% Health per second.
In addition to regenerating Health, The Champion is immune to Fate Seal, Heal Block, Petrify, and any effects that modify Regeneration other than Poison.
Air-WalkerCosmicHerald of the Destroyer: Inflict a Dark Tide Debuff on the Opponent every 8 second(s).
Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan)CosmicMorphogenetics: Ms. Marvel starts to figure out this whole Contest thing, increasing her Fury durations by 8 seconds and increasing the Potency of her Fury effects by 10%
Black BoltCosmicProvocation: Combat tests Blackagar Boltagon’s restraint. Each time he is struck by a Critical Hit, he has a chance to gain a permanent Cruelty or Fury Buff. Each time he strikes with his own Critical Hit, he has a chance to gain a Fury or Cruelty Buff for 6.50 seconds.
Fury Buffs increase Attack by X
Cruelty Buffs increase Critical Damage Rating by X
ElectroScienceElectrostatic: Building Power levels in both players charge the atmosphere, increasing Critical Rating by up to X based on the stored Power in both Electro and his opponent.
HulkScienceHULK RAGE: Hulk is angered by receiving damage, strengthening his attacks by up to X based on lost Health. You wouldn’t like him when he’s angry!
Black Panther (Civil War)SkillPanther Habit: Black Panther begins the fight with his Reflective state active. Additionally, Black Panther’s Armor passively has a X% chance to absorb heavy attack impacts by going Unstoppable for 0.75 seconds and consuming 1 Armor Up effect(s).
ElektraSkillNo Loose Ends: Elektra’s Final Strike now triggers anytime the opponent is below 25% Health. Additionally, while the opponent is within Final Strike range, Elektra gains X increased Critical Damage Rating.
PunisherSkillDefy Pain: Marine Corps. The Vietnam War. The Italian Mafia. Frank Castle has conditioned himself for high pain tolerance, granting him a X% chance to trigger an Indestructible Passive that lasts 8 seconds when receiving a lethal blow. This can only trigger once per fight.
LokiMysticASCENDANT: Perhaps the most powerful sorcerer in all Asgard, Loki passively generates additional Power over time while he has less than one Power Bar.
Rising in power through sorcery and subterfuge, Loki generates an additional X% Power per second as long as he is below 1 bar.  
MordoMysticMystical Barrier: By conjuring a magical barrier, Mordo Resists 80% of any Energy Damage attacks and debuffs.
Doctor StrangeMysticCounterspell: The Sorcerer Supreme automatically counters enemy Buff Effects with countermagic. Spell effectiveness: 85%!
Thor (Jane Foster)MysticAll-Mother’s Blessing: With Freyja’s guidance and Mjolnir’s power, Thor (Jane Foster) lets loose “That Which Smashes”, dealing guaranteed Critical Hits and dealing X Critical Damage Rating against Stunned opponents.
MangogMysticEmpowered by Sin: Each time a Stagger expires naturally on the Opponent Mangog has a X% chance to gain +1 Hatred. While Unstoppable Mangog Passively Regenerates 20% of incoming hit damage instantly.
Gain +X Attack Rating per Hatred.
Gain +X Critical Damage Rating per Hatred.
DormammuMysticSoul Leech: Dormammu uses his opponent’s powers as a link to reach deep within their soul. Each time a buff expires on his opponent, Dormammu has up to a 100% chance to Degenerate them for 130% of his attack, over 10 seconds. The chance of this ability triggering increases the longer it’s been since it was last triggered.
Iron FistMysticFocus: The Iron Fists’ repeated strikes to pressure points wreck cumulative havoc on the target’s Armor Rating, with a X% chance to reduce it by X for each activation.



Marvel Contest of Champions Tier List Tier F

Avoid using these champions, as they are the worst ones in the game right now.

ChampionClassSignature Ability
Iron ManTechArc Overload: Iron Man overloads the Arc Reactor in his chest if Health drops below 15%, briefly extending his life span with a burst of X% Armor and Regeneration.
Iron PatriotTechArc Overload: Iron Patriot overloads the Arc Reactor in his chest if Health drops below 10%, granting a large burst of power, with X% Armor, Regeneration, and Power Gain. After that, his suit burns out and cannot trigger Armor Up, Armor Break, or Stun and loses all base Armor.
Superior Iron ManCosmicArc Overload (Passive): Iron Man overloads the Arc Reactor in his chest if Health drops below 15%, briefly extending his life span with a burst of X% Armor and Regeneration.
Ant-ManSciencePym Gas Control: Ant-Man subtly alters his size during combat with precise Pym Gas control, gaining a X% chance for incoming attacks to glance. Glancing Hits cannot be Critical, deal X% reduced damage, and suffer -X% Offensive Ability Accuracy
Spider-Man (Classic)ScienceSpider Sense: Increased agility coupled with small stature and a sixth sense for imminent danger make Spider-Man X% more elusive.
Captain America (Classic)ScienceLast Stand: The chance to Perfectly Block all damage increases by up to X% based on lost Health, providing hope when Cap needs it most.
Deadpool X-ForceMutantDuodenum Poke: Permanently bleeding the opponent was granted after poking enemies right in the duodenum, guaranteed to cause Bleed for X Direct Damage over 3 seconds.
ThanosCosmicImmortality: Granted near-immortality, Thanos the Mad Titan Passively reduces his opponent’s base Attack by X% (as a boss in End Game: 63.05% reduced Attack for the opponent).
GrootCosmicGentle Giant: Groot is tired of seeing his friends hurt in combat and begins the fight with 2 Pacifism charges. Additionally, each Fury stack gained from throwing off his gentle nature has an X% chance to activate a charge of Cruelty, increasing Critical Hit Damage by 25% each.
Unstoppable ColossusMysticUnstoppable: Colossus calls upon the power of Cyttorak, becoming Unstoppable and shrugging off all Attacks for X seconds.
JuggernautMysticUnstoppable: Juggernaut becomes Unstoppable, shrugging off all Attacks for X seconds. Once he starts moving, nothing can stop him!
CyclopsMutantExpertise: Beams are calibrated for up to X increased Critical Damage Rating. As long as a Combo of 10 or more hits is maintained, Cyclops’ Armor Break effects have X% increased Duration and as long as a Combo of 20 or more hits is maintained, Beam Attacks are Passively Unblockable.
Moon KnightSkillSynodic Tide: Either Combat Power Rate is enhanced by up to X%, or enemies suffer X% reduced Combat Power Rate. This cycles every 6 hours.

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