Best Games Like Fall Guys

Looking for games similar to Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout? In this list, we'll highlight the best games like Fall Guys for PC and console.

Now that Fall Guys has made the switch to Epic Games and gone fully free-to-play, fans of the chaotic party game are likely on the lookout for a replacement.

From fun co-op platformers to battle royale games and even straight up Fall Guys clones, there are plenty of alternatives to Fall Guys in 2024.

In this list, we’ll help you steer you in the right direction by highlighting the best games like Fall Guys for PC and console.

For more gaming recommendations, consider checking out our other curated lists, and drop a comment if we forgot to mention your favorite game like Fall Guys!

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Stumble Guys is an unabashed Fall Guys clone that shares enough similarities to warrant a possible cease and desist.

With that said, it’s free-to-play and doesnt require you to use Epic’s launcher, two selling points that will appeal to Steam users.

In it, up to 32 players can compete online to run, jump, and dash their way through chaotic obstacle courses to the finish line.

The game features 17 unique obstacle courses, a party mode for playing with friends, and several unlockable outfits and emotes.

Speaking of games you can play with friends, Pico Park is a 2D puzzle-platformer that becomes more insane and uproarious the more people you bring along.

Designed for 2-8 players, it has your group working together to solve puzzles, collect keys, and reach the end of each stage.

There are 48 levels in total, each introducing a unique gimmick meant to challenge your team and encourage cooperation.

The good part is that it backs up local and online multiplayer, which makes it an excellent substitute for Fall Guys for both real life and virtual get-togethers.

Fling to the Finish is another chaotic multiplayer game like Fall Guys where players must guide bouncy characters tied together by a stretchy elastic rope.

This is done by splitting off into 2-player teams with you and a friend racing another duo across colorful obstacle courses by bouncing, rolling, and flinging yourselves.

Like Fall guys, the game offers an abundance of levels with unique themes and settings that force players to coordinate and use the rope in different ways.

Additionally, Fling to the Finish supports both local and online multiplayer for up to four players.

If you’ve ever wondered how pulling off a heist in Fall Guys would work out, Rubber Bandits is the answer.

Billed as a part-heist part-brawler party game, it sees a group of thieves working together to pull off their biggest score yet.

However, when things go south, it’s every man, woman, or banana for themselves as the clock ticks down until the cops show up and everyone goes to jail.

In fact, the game encourages you to pummel your friends using wonky physics-based attacks, weapons, and gags across various levels and modes.

Although Bombergrounds may draw most of its influence from the Bomberman series, it also shares some similarities with Fall Guys. 

For one, its a battle royale with explosive and unpredictable moments where players can go from being at the top to knocked off the chopping block in a split-second.

It also presents itself as a vibrant and jovial game complete with cute animal avatars that can be decked out with cosmetics purchased from an in-game shop.

Gameplay revolves around collecting coins, equipping power-ups, and placing bombs on an ever-shrinking grid-based battlefield in hopes of being the last one standing.

Next up is Golf Gang, a fast-paced racing party game with a minigolf twist that’s hard to resist for fans of Fall Guys.

Blending both precision and speed, the game sees up to 8 players racing to sink their ball in the hole before the competition.

It features three distinct game modes with hundreds of holes and countless multiplayer modifiers that introduce ridiculous mechanics.

These can range low gravity golf to explosive collisions, bullet time, and many more that will have you and your racing pals shouting at the screen.

While Fall Guys and Among Us may not share many gameplay elements, they both feature adorable and colorful beanlike characters.

Among Us gameplay revolves around social deduction in which a group of players tries to complete tasks while secret Imposters try to thwart their efforts at every turn.

See any suspicious behavior? Call for a meeting to plead your case, just make sure you have evidence to back up your claims or you might be the one that gets voted off.

It has a casual low-stakes vibe that’s further complimented by cute cosmetics, unique game modes, and special roles to spice things up.

While you’ll find no shortage of delicious looking treats throughout Fall Guys’ mini-games, what if you could play as a snack yourself?

Cake Bash is a 4-player party game that casts you and your friends as desserts looking to duke it out across various tasty arenas.

The game ramps the cuteness factor up to insane levels, presenting you with an assortment of cakes, donuts, pies, and sweet pastries to play as.

Desserts can be further customized with accessories you unlock using in-game currency.

While it may not be a battle royale, Gang Beasts features equally colorful characters and wonky physics as Fall Guys.

The game basically functions as a multiplayer beat ’em up in which you and your friends punch, kick, and launch each other across a selection of stages.

Like Fall Guys, characters can be customized with cool accessories to make your character stand out and ramp up the comedy factor.

There’s a good variety of stages to pick from with unique hazards that throw some extra chaos into the mix.

Human: Fall Flat is another physics-based multiplayer game that will appeal to fans of Fall Guys.

In it, you and up to three friends try to overcome platforming obstacle courses while controlling jiggly creatures.

Each level’s objective is simple: make it to the end by collaborating with your teammates; naturally, in practice this is much easier said than done.

Much like Fall Guys, the controls are wonky at best and cause your character to continually fumble whatever task you’re trying to accomplish.

Judging by the design of Fall Guys’ obstacle courses, its clear Mediatonic has an admiration for 3D platformers.

If your favorite mini-games are See Saw, Tip Toe, or Slime Climb, you’ll probably enjoy Biped, a cooperative puzzle-platformer in the same vein as games like Portal.

In it, you and a buddy control cute, bipedal robots across a wide selection of levels based on different themes ranging from an icy tundra to a treetop lumber operation.

There are also bonus levels you can clear to earn coins that can be spent on new hats for your robots.

Move or Die checks many of the same boxes as Fall Guys: cartoony visuals, cute customizable characters, bite-sized objectives, and plenty of ways to sabotage your opponents.

The game presents itself as a hectic 4-player party game where the mechanics change every couple of seconds, requiring you to keep with the pace or end up eliminated.

Additionally, your health starts to drop anytime your character isn’t moving, resulting in even more chaotic showdowns round to round.

Like Fall Guys, it’s a pretty easy game to pick up and play for the first time; the controls are simple, and objectives are designed to be straightforward and intuitive.

Hot Lava takes the classic childhood game and turns it into a deadly parkour challenge where players run, jump, climb, and swing across levels flooded with hot molten lava.

It plays a lot like a Fall Guys racing mini-game, minus the wonky controls; instead of fumbling across finish lines, you’re encouraged to plan out your route through intricate jungle gyms.

Each one is littered with various shortcuts and usable objects that can be exploited to give you an edge during races.

Visually, the game has a ‘Saturday morning cartoon’ inspired feel that includes a team of cool-looking superheroes and villains to play as.

We’ve covered weird bean men, desserts, and even eggs, but what about playing as cute and deadly fruit?

Boomerang Fu is a frantic 6-player party game where you and your friends try to slice and dice each other using boomerangs.

Your boomerang can bounce off of walls and even hook around corners to strike opponents.

If that wasn’t sufficient, the game adds a variety of insane power-ups that allow you to shoot explosive boomerangs, camouflage your character, and even manipulate other players’ characters.

Some of the best moments in Fall Guys are when one player intentionally tries to mess things up for everyone else.

If you enjoy coming up with new ways to screw over your friends, then you’ll probably have a lot of fun with Pummel Party.

The game has players navigating dangerous game boards as they acquire an arsenal of deadly weapons and elements.

When you’re not attacking friends on the game board, you’re facing off in mini-games partially inspired by the likes of Mario Party, along with some fresh concepts.

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