Best Games Like Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Do you like playing Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout and want to play some other games like it? Here's the most comprehensive list of all games like Fall Guys.

Are you looking for a list of the best games like Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Fall Guys is a bright and colorful battle royale game where up to 60 players compete across a series of easy-to-learn, difficult-to-master mini-games. During each round, players are tasked with traversing tricky obstacle courses and working with teammates to score points.

In this list, we’ll be highlighting a selection of games similar to Fall Guys in one way or another.

We’ve taken the liberty of providing gameplay trailers where possible, along with the supported platforms for each entry.

Make sure to check back as we continue to update this list with new games in the future.

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Considering how much people love to compare Fall Guys with Innersloth’s hit social deduction game, we decided to make it number one on this list. While the two may not share many gameplay elements, they both feature adorable and colorful beanlike characters.

The premise is simple: you and a crew of space workers are tasked with figuring out which player is the Imposter. The game is structured around completing a series of tasks to secure a win for the innocent crewmates. However, if you’re assigned the Imposter role, your job is to kill the crew before they can sleuth you out.

Imposters can also travel quickly using vents throughout the ship and can sabotage equipment. To ensure you survive, crewmates are encouraged to report any dead bodies they discover and call emergency meetings when they suspect a player is an Imposter.

While you’ll find no shortage of delicious looking treats throughout Fall Guys‘ mini-games, what if you could play as a snack yourself? Cake Bash is a 4-player party game that casts you and your friends as desserts looking to duke it out across various tasty arenas.

The game ramps the cuteness factor up to insane levels, presenting you with an assortment of cakes, donuts, pies, and sweet pastries to play as.  Desserts can be further customized with accessories you unlock using in-game currency.  

There are several modes to pick from and a wide selection of mini-games with unique goals: roast the perfect marshmallow, expertly frost a cake or just try to be the last dessert standing. Best yet, the game lets you group up with friends for online or local multiplayer mayhem.

While it may not be a battle royale, Gang Beasts features equally colorful characters and wonky physics as Fall Guys. The game basically functions as a multiplayer beat ’em up in which you and your friends punch, kick, and launch each other across a selection of stages.

A big part of the fun is merely trying to get your character to move the way you want. The controls are unpredictable and nothing works quite like you would expect, resulting in hours of laugh out loud moments as you and your crew try to sabotage any attempt at playing the game normally.

Like Fall Guys, characters can be customized with cool accessories to make your character stand out and ramp up the comedy factor. There’s a good variety of stages to pick from with unique hazards that throw some extra chaos into the mix.

Human: Fall Flat is another physics-based multiplayer game that will appeal to fans of Fall Guys. In it, you and up to three friends try to overcome platforming obstacle courses while controlling jiggly creatures. Each level’s goal is simple: make it to the end by working together with your teammates.

Of course, in practice is this is much easier said than done. Levels are littered with physics-based puzzles that require a decent amount of coordination, something your teammates may choose to ignore in favor of causing trouble.

Much like Fall Guys, the controls are wonky at best and cause your character to continually fumble whatever task you’re trying to accomplish. If you enjoy the variety in Fall Guys‘ mini-games, then you’ll definitely get a kick out of the large number of themed stages in this game.

Despite being a battle royale, Fall Guys actually has very little in common with most other games in the genre. However, the one that comes closest is Fortnite, the ever-popular, well-known ‘build and shoot em up’ that continues to dominate the free-to-play arena.

Both games share a similar cartoony aesthetic with oversaturated environments and characters donning ridiculous costumes. By now, most of us are familiar with the formula: 100 players drop down on a shrinking map where they’ll have to collect gear and battle other players.

What sets Fortnite apart is the ability to create shelter and trap other players using materials gathered throughout the map. A lot has been added over the years, with the game now offering Daily Challenges, special in-game events, and even custom games where you can recreate your favorite Fall Guys mini-games.

Overcooked 2 is a cooperative cooking game that tasks you and your friends with preparing food orders in over-the-top settings. Similar to Fall Guys, the game has a cartoony art style, cute characters, and vibrant environments.

Levels are filled with multiple stations designated for different tasks such as chopping, frying, boiling, and plating. The difficulty can ramp up pretty quickly as tasks becoming increasingly complex, and levels introduce unique obstacles that will keep you on your toes.  

The sequel adds the ability to throw ingredients at your fellow chefs from far away, which will either be a benefit or a total disaster, depending on your teammates. If you’re looking for a fast-paced game that will have you and your friends yelling at each other, Overcooked 2 is the way to go.

Judging by the design of Fall Guys‘ obstacle courses, its clear Mediatonic has an admiration for 3D platformers. If your favorite mini-game happens to be See Saw, Tip Toe, or Slime Climb, there’s a good chance you’d enjoy playing Biped, a cooperative 3D puzzle-platformer in the same vein as Portal.

In it, you and a buddy control cute, bipedal robots that can only move one leg at a time. This unique gameplay mechanic sets the tone for the entire game as you and your partner take on an array of physics-based puzzles that require constant communication and a sprinkling of luck.

The game includes a wide selection of levels based on different themes ranging from an icy tundra to a treetop lumber operation. There are also bonus levels you can clear to earn coins that can be spent on new hats for your robots.

Move or Die checks many of the same boxes as Fall Guys. You’ve got bright, cartoony visuals, cute round characters you can customize, a variety of bite-sized objectives to tackle, and plenty of opportunities to sabotage your opponents’ performance.

The game presents itself as a hectic 4-player party game where the mechanics change every couple of seconds, requiring you to keep with the pace or end up eliminated. Additionally, your health starts to drop anytime your character isn’t moving, resulting in even more chaotic showdowns round to round.

There are a variety of modes to dive into, each presenting a unique way to destroy your friends. Like Fall Guys, it’s a pretty easy game to pick up and play for the first time. The controls are simple, and objectives are designed to be straightforward and intuitive.

Another 2D game worth checking out if you like Fall Guys is Joggernauts, a 4-player cooperative puzzle platformer with auto-run movement. The game revolves around a switch mechanic, in which you and your teammates swap positions to clear various obstacles.

Each player is assigned a specific color and must move to the head of the pack anytime an object of that color appears in the level. The biggest challenge comes from trying to get your teammates to coordinate when and who should swap.

Since each character is color-coded, it’s typically easy to gauge what went wrong anytime your team fails. There is a wide selection of levels to play through, and the game does an excellent job of exploring the switch mechanic in different ways.

If Fall Guys’ beanlike protagonists weren’t enough, why not try your luck and play as an egg? Shell Corp is a physics-based party game with colorful visuals that sees up to 8-players trying to crack each other’s shells and come out victorious.

After creating your very own egg avatars, you and your friends can take on a variety of platforming mini-games that focus on teamwork, racing, and sometimes just pure survival. For example, ‘Shell Smash’ tasks you with knocking your opponents into pieces.

‘Corporate Conveyor’ is more of a game of endurance where the goal is to outlast your opponents as you jump through holes and gaps while on a moving platform. The only downside is the game doesn’t include online multiplayer by default, meaning you’ll need to set up Steam Remote Play if you want to play as a group.

Hot Lava takes the classic childhood “the floor is lava” game and turns it into a deadly parkour challenge in which players run, jump, climb, and swing across various levels flooded with hot molten lava. It all plays like a Fall Guys racing mini-game, minus the wonky controls.

Instead of fumbling your way across finish lines, you’re encouraged to plan out your route through levels that resemble intricate jungle gyms. Each one is littered with various shortcuts and usable objects that can be exploited to give you an edge during races.

Visually, the game has a ‘Saturday morning cartoon’ inspired feel that includes a team of cool-looking superheroes and villains to play as. Hot Lava offers drop-in, drop-out online multiplayer for up to eight players, along with Steam workshop support, allowing you to browse a plethora of user-created levels.

Keeping with the racing theme, Must Dash Amigos is a chaotic battle racing game that sees up to 4-players competing in intense foot-races across twelve tracks and two modes. Loosely based on Mario Kart, the goal is to leave your opponents in the dust as you pick up speed and use power-ups to knock them out.

Each race feels unpredictable as you never know what items you’ll receive or what your opponents have planned. One moment you might be getting trampled by a piñata stampede, another you’re being slowed down by feet-pinching crabs.

Additionally, the game keeps things exciting by throwing unique environmental hazards depending on the track. The overall silliness of the power-ups and moment-to-moment gameplay is enough to keep you and your friends laughing for hours.

We’ve covered weird bean men, desserts, and even eggs, but what about playing as cute and deadly fruit? Boomerang Fu is a frantic 6-player party game where you and your friends try to slice and dice each other using boomerangs.

Like many other entries on this list, gameplay uses physics in some interesting ways. Your boomerang can bounce off of walls and even hook around corners to strike opponents. If that wasn’t enough, the game piles on an assortment of crazy power-ups.

You can fire explosive boomerangs, take control of another player’s mind, and even disguise yourself as an innocent-looking object as you wait for the perfect time to strike. It’s strictly a couch coop game by default, but you can set up online multiplayer using Steam Remote play.

Some of the best moments in Fall Guys are when one player intentionally tries to mess things up for everyone else. If you enjoy coming up with new ways to screw over your friends, then you’ll probably have a lot of fun with Pummel Party, a PC party game that’s best summed up as “Mario Party on crack.”

It features a similar board game structure as the iconic Nintendo series but swaps out recognizable mascots and wholesome gameplay with ridiculous mini-games and a host of deadly items that can be used to blow away the competition.

We’re talking spike traps, bear traps, shotguns, falling barrels, and the occasional giant man-eating worm. When you’re not attacking your friends on the game board, you’re facing off in a wide array of mini-games partially inspired by the likes of Mario Party, along with some new concepts.

Inspired by the golden age of stick figure flash games, Stick Fight: The Game is a 2D fighter that sees you and your friends throwing down across 2D arenas. Levels are littered with weapons and traps that can be used to take out opponents or just yourself if you’re not too careful.

Enemies can also blast you away with laser guns, shoot paralyzing snakes right at your neck, or simply outmaneuver you during platforming challenges. The sheer amount of unpredictableness that comes with each match is one of Stick Fight‘s most appealing features.

The base game 100+ unique levels, and you can expand that even further with community-made stages from Steam Workshop. If you enjoy the competitive aspect of Fall Guys, use Stick Fight to remind your friends why you’re the best.

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