Best Games Like Disney Dreamlight Valley

Make friends, grow a farm, and live life at your own pace with these fun games like Disney Dreamlight Valley for PC and consoles.

Whether you’re a Disney fan or simply enjoy kicking back with a relaxing game, Disney Dreamlight Valley is sure to win you over with its casual-minded design.

Building off of its predecessors, the game captures the magic of Disney’s world and characters through life sim-inspired gameplay that’s surprisingly respectful of the player’s time.

In this list, we’ll help shine a light on similar titles by recommending the best games like Disney Dreamlight Valley on Steam, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

You’ll find many of them let you grow a farm, complete daily tasks at your leisure, decorate a town or island, and befriend unique characters.

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To get started, we recommend Dreamlight fans check out Coral Island, a colorful farming and life sim with a similar art style and gameplay.

In it, players are invited to explore a captivating tropical island at their own pace, living off the land, nurturing animals, and building relationships with the individuals who reside there.

Like Dreamlight Valley, the goal is to leave the world in a better place than you found it by picking up trash, planting flowers and crops, and improving your neighbors’ lives.

Along the journey, players will have an opportunity to personalize their character, raise animals, upgrade tools, mine caverns, and aid in restoring the coral reef.

If you’re craving a bit more of that Disney magic, might we suggest another game that lets you change the world with just a flick of your wand.

Wylde Flowers is a narrative-driven farming sim that casts you as Tara, a witch-in-training tasked with growing a farm by day and honing her spell-casting skills by night.

Similar to Dreamlight Valley, gameplay has you tending crops, caring for animals, fishing, and crafting new furniture and decorations.

Throughout the journey, players will also get to meet and grow close to a varied cast of fully-voiced characters as well as unravel a mystery about the adorable rural island.

Next up is Potion Permit, a cozy mix of JRPG and life sim gameplay with interesting characters and vibrant pixel art visuals.

The story introduces the small town of Moonbury, an idyllic village that’s distrustful of outsiders until your character arrives to help cure the Mayor’s daughter of a mysterious illness.

Taking on the role of chemist, you’ll have to win over the hearts of the townsfolk by curing them of various ailments via puzzle-style potion-making.

Over time, you’ll get to know the residents of Moonbury closely while also upgrading your tools, improving the clinic, and filling your home with furniture.

Having recently exited Steam Early Access, Hokko Life is another cozy life sim that transports players to a magical town inhabited by animal villagers.

The game tasks you with getting the town’s old workshop up and running so that you may start crafting furniture and decorations for yourself and your neighbors.

When you’re not busy toiling away at your workbench, you’re free to explore the world to gather fish, bugs, wood, and other materials to sell or build new wares with.

There’s also a farming component that sees you growing beautiful-looking flowers and a robust customization tool that lets you personalize clothing and furniture.

Your main aim in Disney Dreamlight Valley is to enhance the town to attract other Disney characters to settle in.

Another game that gives you a similar assignment is Spirit of the Island, an autonomous life simulation role-playing game that occurs on a verdant and tropical Archipelago.

In it, players must work to restore a once prosperous tourist destination to its former glory by helping local residents complete various tasks.

This includes growing crops, raising animals, cooking food, crafting items, and building shops, museums, and homes to attract new visitors.

Moving on, our next suggestion for games similar to Dreamlight Valley is Bear and Breakfast, a laid-back management game about running your own bed and breakfast operation.

The twist here is you’re actually a bear and the area where the bed and breakfast is located has fallen on hard times due to a lack of tourists.

However, once you manage to spruce up the place by picking up trash, restoring old cabins, and opening up a few businesses, things will quickly turn around and the money will come flooding in.

Like Dreamlight, there’s an emphasis on decorating spaces, completing quests for talkative NPCs, and foraging for materials throughout the town.

Bears may be fun and all but what about kangaroos? In Dinkum, players are transported to the Australian outback to start a fresh life.

The journey starts with pitching a tent and gathering all the necessary resources to get your community going and convince more characters to join it.

Doing so enables you to unlock a store, museum, and other landmarks that will elevate your town to the next level while revealing new opportunities for exploration.

Dinkum’s world is full of diversity and you’ll constantly find yourself discovering new exotic wildlife, terrain, and objects that can be crafted into useful gear and equipment.

As its title suggests, Cozy Grove takes place in a warm and inviting island grove teeming with secrets, magic, and discovery.

Taking on the role of campers called Spirit Scouts, players explore the island’s forests and beaches in search of friendly spirits in need of favors.

To help brighten up their day and improve the island, you’ll gather various items to craft decorations and complete bite-sized quests.

Much like Dreamlight Valley, this is the type of game you can check in with daily to see which quests are up for grabs and make slow but steady progression.

Sun Haven is another charming farming sim RPG that shares similarities with Disney Dreamlight Valley.

In it, you’re cast as a new resident looking for a fresh start who moves to a medieval town with citizens hailing from all walks of life.

The game allows you to take up different jobs and explore areas like farming, mining, fishing, crafting, and even spell-casting to discover your true calling.

Doing so reveals new tools and equipment that let you upgrade your farm, restore the town’s shops, and convince more people to visit the town.

Serving as the continuation of Pathea Games’ popular farming sim RPG, My Time at Sandrock requires you to construct and enhance a community residing in an abandoned region.

Assigned the role of Builder, players will get to work gathering resources and building tools to turn their run-down workshop into a well-oiled machine.

It won’t be long until the citizens of Sandrock come knocking on your door to put in requests for various favors that reveal a bit about their hobbies and personalities.

Over time, you’ll get to know more about their lives as you become deeply entrenched in the community and have a vested interest in seeing it improve.

If your favorite part of Dreamlight Valley is watching your farm come together, then Grow: Song of the Evertree is another casual farming sim game you should have on your radar.

In it, players are transported to a mystical world where they’ll take up the mantle of Everheart Alchemist, magical scientists tasked with caring for the ancient Evertree.

While exploring the vast areas that make up Alaria, you’ll discover exotic flora and fauna that can be gathered and combined to create new tools and decorations.

You can share them with people to make friends and get their help in building your ideal town.

Continuing on, No Place Like Home is another farming sim like Dreamlight Valley that layers on RPG elements for a satisfying gameplay loop.

Players are cast as one of the few remaining humans on Earth following an apocalyptic event that caused most of humanity to leave for the planet Mars.

To restore Mother Nature to its former glory, your character picks up a powerful vacuum-like device and gets to work cleaning up trash throughout the environment.

Any resources collected can be recycled to craft new tools and equipment for domesticating animals, building villages, growing farms, and cooking food.

If you like games that let you improve the lives of living creatures as well as nature, Alba: A Wildlife Adventure may be the perfect game for you.

In this fun and relaxing adventure game, you take on the role of a young activist visiting her grandparents on a remote island.

After seeing the awful state the island is in, she decides to make it her mission to save the local wildlife by starting her own environmental preservation initiative.

This includes visiting each section of the island to pick up litter, treat sick animals, repair infrastructure, recruit volunteers, and snap the occasional photo.

It was only a matter of time until we arrived at Stardew Valley, the one-man passion project that helped spark a new generation of farming and life sims.

Taking its cues from genre greats like Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing, the game has you creating a character before making your way to the cozy town of Stardew Valley.

Here, you’ll set out to breathe new life into your grandfather’s old farm by growing crops, raising animals, and getting back in touch with nature.

When you’re not up to your knees in seeds, you’ll make your way around town getting to know the residents of Stardew, quirky traits and all.

One of the most recognizable life sims around, for decades Animal Crossing has helped players escape the real world and set up shop in their own cute towns.

This often takes the form of decorating spaces with furniture, funding community work projects, and creating a welcoming environment for new villagers.

New Horizons is the latest installment in the series and introduces a host of systems and improvements for a more streamlined experience reminiscent of Dreamlight Valley.

Included are new crafting and island customization features along with online multiplayer support and dozens of new decorations, villagers, and milestones to explore.

Along with Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon is a long-running life sim series that also features farming gameplay similar to Dreamlight Valley.

While the franchise no longer operates under its old name, players may be familiar with its new moniker Story of Seasons, under which a handful of games have been released.

The one we suggest picking up is Pioneers of Olive Town, which sees you following in your grandfather’s footsteps by taking over the family farm and pitching in with the community.

This entails planting crops, raising animals, and building relationships as you work together with the locals to improve the town’s infrastructure.

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