Best Games Like Rumbleverse

On the hunt for more battle royale fighting games? Check out this list of the best games like Rumbleverse on Steam and other platforms.

Iron Galaxy’s Rumbleverse has been making waves across the internet as players continue to flock to Grapital City for more battle royale brawling mayhem.

However, since the game is both published by Epic and exclusive to its platform, many PC gamers are likely to miss out on one of the most innovative battle royales in recent years.

To fix this, we’re sharing our choices for the top games resembling Rumbleverse on Steam, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

While some of these games are also tied to a particular platform, we tried to strike a good balance between multiplatform and exclusive titles.

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A game that needs no introduction, Fortnite is probably the closest relative to Rumbleverse in terms of gameplay and overall art style.

This makes a lot of sense considering both are Epic exclusives and follow the battle royale format, with Fortnite incorporating shooter and building mechanics.

Like Rumbleverse, each round starts with players dropping down on a sprawling map with vibrant locations where players can scavenge for weapons, materials, and healing items.

Fortnite is also very well-supported when it comes to content updates, including map revisions, seasonal rewards, and crossovers with popular media.

Long touted as one of the best competitive shooters, Overwatch recently received a major update in the form of Overwatch 2, a standalone sequel that introduces new battle pass-style progression.

With this come a slew of new characters rolled out across multiple seasons, including previously revealed heroes like Sojourn, Junker Queen, and Kiriko.

Much like Rumbleverse, there’s a lot of flexibility for different playstyles depending on the class and hero you choose to play as.

Additionally, each game mode features unique objectives and pacing that can greatly affect the flow of battles.

MultiVersus is another free-to-play fighting game with equally cartoonish visuals as Rumbleverse while nailing all of the technical details fans of the genre have come to expect.

This makes it a clear contender for competitive PvP while also appealing to more casual players that have always dreamed of seeing Shaggy Rogers beat Batman to a pulp.

What’s more, the game’s roster is continually expanding, with new fighters like Gizmo, Rick, Morty, and even LeBron James joining the fray.

You’ll find each one falls under a particular class of fighter, allowing for a diverse pool of playstyles and movesets to master.

Like MultiVersus, Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl is a new platform fighter that’s looking to give Smash Bros. a run for its money.

While it’ll have to smooth out a few rough edges before that can happen, the game’s star-studded cast of iconic Nickelodeon characters is off to a good start.

This includes fighters from beloved properties like SpongeBob Squarepants, Avatar, TMNT, Rugrats, and even more obscure picks like Danny Phantom and Jenny the Teenage Robot.

So far, All-Star Brawl has been well supported with DLC updates and offers online multiplayer with rollback netcode, an absolute game-changer for modern fighters.

Knockout City is another innovative online free-to-play multiplayer game like Rumbleverse that puts a unique spin on an existing idea, namely dodgeball.

Instead of merely attempting to eliminate adversaries by tossing balls around the battlefield, the game incorporates battling mechanics, distinct ball variations, and diverse modes of play.

On top of that, your character can summon a glider, tackle enemies, and roll into a ball for a nearby teammate to pick up and throw at enemies.

Similar to Rumbleverse, Knockout City has been well supported with seasonal updates and offers a battle pass for players to level up and unlock new rewards.

Next up is Roller Champions, another free-to-play sports multiplayer game that injects brawler mechanics and cartoonish visuals reminiscent of Rumbleverse.

In it, teams of three face off in fast-paced roller derby matches where the goal is to outscore your opponent while crushing the competition any chance you get.

This is done by passing, tackling, and performing stylish tricks as you try to build up speed and race laps around the arena before firing off a shot into the hoop.

As you win matches, you’ll gain more in-game followers and rewards via a battle pass-style progression system with daily challenges and player customization.

In GigaBash, players step into the arena to duke it out as kaiju monsters in a never-ending struggle for power and destruction.

Like Rumbleverse, combat is largely melee and grapple-focused while drawing inspiration from classic kaiju arena brawlers like Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters!

Despite the slow-moving monsters depicted in Hollywood movies, GigaBash’s creatures are surprisingly nimble and capable of pulling off insanely powerful attacks.

The game is best played with friends via local and online multiplayer support across various modes and configurations.

If you’re looking for more wrestling games to satisfy your Rumbleverse cravings, the latest installment of WWE 2K may be worth checking out.

After suffering from franchise fatigue for the past few years, WWE 2K22 is a return to form for the series that offers solid gameplay and network performance.

In it, players compete in both online and local matches using a host of iconic superstars alongside custom wrestlers created and shared by the community.

Like past installments, WWE 2K22 features a career mode where gamers experience a wrestler’s struggles and triumphs.

While not directly a wrestling game, Rumbleverse players will find themselves doing quite a bit of tussling in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, another Epic exclusive battle royale.

Each game sees up to 60 players competing in round-based mini-games with simple-to-learn, challenging-to-master objectives and rules.

Many of them are modeled after game show-style obstacle courses while drawing inspiration from classic 3D platformers and sports games alike.

Where Rumbleverse is designed with technicality and responsiveness in mind, Fall Guys features intentionally clumsy controls and physics that can be both funny and frustrating.

Taking its cues from chaotic brawlers like Gang Beasts, Mad Streets is a hilarious madcap party game where players duke it out in over-the-top fisticuffs across different stages and modes.

In it, you assume control of a Jock, Punk, or Rich Kid before heading into the arena to settle scores with your friends in ridiculous physics-based matchups.

Like Rumbleverse, the game has a simple pick-up-and-play design with special moves that are relatively easy to pull off in the heat of battle.

What’s more, matches can be tailored to your liking with custom win conditions and environmental hazards that add to the fun and chaos.

A Gummy’s Life is another multiplayer brawler with a party game feel that will appeal to fans of Iron Galaxy’s wrestling-themed battle royale.

Instead of Grapital City, players are transported to a vibrant metropolis overrun with gummy fighters that have set up impromptu wrestling matches in local stadiums, parks, and other areas.

After choosing your candied fighter, you’ll be face to face with equally-delicious foes that can be struck down using melee weapons or just your bare sugary knuckles.

Similar to Rumbleverse, A Gummy’s life includes unlockable cosmetics, several game modes to tackle, and online multiplayer support.

If you’re looking to take Rumbleverse’s meaty combat offline, it might be time to dive into Final Vendetta, a hard-hitting action brawler that pays homage to arcade beat ‘em ups.

Rendered in stunning pixel art, the game centers on a group of friends forced to fight their way through the mean streets of London to save one of the characters’ kidnapped sister.

This includes facing off against rowdy bunches like the Syndic8, a ruthless gang that’s slowly but surely spreading their influence and taking control of the capital.

To bring them down, you’ll assume control of three unique characters across six stages, four game modes, and dozens of combos to unleash your inner fighter.

Pulling No Punches is another modern beat ‘em up that plays just like a classic 2D arcade action game while sporting distinctly hand-drawn visuals animated frame-by-frame.

In it, players take on the role of four common citizens and try to navigate the streets of a locked-down city amidst a global pandemic.

Donning masks and gloves for protection, each character will have to defend themselves as unhygienic bad guys flood in from all sides.

This entails a lot of kicking, grappling, and of course, punching as you fight for survival using devastating combos and special maneuvers.

Carrying on, our next recommendation to fans of Rumbleverse is Blue Mammoth Games’ free-to-play multiplayer fighter Brawlhalla.

Using the Smash Bros. concept, it features gamers as small fighters with various ways to play and strategies to defeat enemies on different platforms.

Much like Rumbleverse, there’s a good amount of variety with fighters’ movesets, allowing you to try out different characters until you find one you like.

Lastly, Brawlhalla is well supported with content updates and crossovers that draw from popular TV shows, movies, and other video game properties.

Of course, we couldn’t highlight all of these Smash-inspired fighters without bringing up an official entry from the beloved Nintendo franchise.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is the latest and greatest installment to bring recognizable characters under the same roof to face off in bouts of strength across different stages.

Similar to Rumbleverse, each fighter has a dedicated moveset that lends itself to certain playstyles tailored for every type of player under the sun.

Furthermore, there have been several updates that add DLC characters to Smash Ultimate’s roster, resulting in more diverse and unpredictable matchups.

To wrap up this list, we recommend Rumbleverse fans also check out ARMS, another Nintendo Switch-exclusive fighter with a unique twist.

In it, you play as a boxer equipped with spring-powered mechanical arms designed to pack a punch during tense 1v1 showdowns.

The game includes several fighters to pick from, each putting a different spin on hand-to-hand combat while allowing for new and inventive tactics.

Additionally, ARMS offers multiplayer support for up to four players along with various game modes and the ability to customize your character’s arm configuration.

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