Fischl Build Guide For Genshin Impact

Is it worth to invest in Fischl? Here is the ultimate and most up-to-date Fisch build guide for Genshin Impact. Learn how to master Fischl!

Fischl is a 4* Electro Bow sub-DPS renowned for her consistent off-field Electro DPS potential as well as the ability to generate loads of Energy to battery the Bursts of other Electro team members.

Because she requires so little on-field time to be so effective, Fischl is a character who can be slotted into any team to great effect. The only reason she doesn’t make it past B-Tier in our Genshin Impact Character Tier List is because she isn’t the best pick for any of the top meta teams.

That being said, the teams she slots into—and there are many—offer a fun and engaging playstyle that can be a breath of fresh air to enfranchised players who feel tired of constantly chasing the meta.

And for players who don’t have access to all the characters they need to run meta teams, Fischl is a competent alternative who can be used to fill certain slots. For example, Eula mains who don’t have Raiden Shogun can rely on Fischl for triggering Superconduct reactions.

Fischl’s effectiveness is, of course, predicated upon you knowing how to build and play her optimally.

In this build guide, we’ll show you how you can do this by discussing her talent priority, constellation value, best weapon and artifact options, and then providing examples of some powerful teams she can be utilized in.

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Fischl’s Talent Priority

Genshin Impact Fischl Talent Priority
Normal Attack
(Bolts of Downfall)
Normal Attack
Perform up to 5 consecutive shots with a bow.

Charged Attack
Perform a more precise Aimed Shot with increased DMG. While aiming, the dark lightning spirits of Immernachtreich shall heed the call of their Prinzessin and indwell the enchanted arrowhead. When fully indwelt, the Rachsüchtig Blitz shall deal immense Electro DMG.  

Plunging Attack
Fires off a shower of arrows in mid-air before falling and striking the ground, dealing AoE DMG upon impact.
You can run Fischl as a main DPS. If you do this, consider her Normal Attacks priority number two in terms of talents.

However, Fischl is mostly run as a sub-DPS, which is the playstyle this guide will focus on. And in this role, she performs little to no Normal Attacks, making this her least important talent.
Elemental Skill
Summons Oz. The night raven forged of darkness and lightning descends upon the land, dealing Electro DMG in a small AoE.
For the ability’s duration, Oz will continuously attack nearby opponents with Freikugel.

Hold to adjust the location Oz will be summoned to.
Press again any time during the ability’s duration to once again summon him to Fischl’s side.
It’s something of a meme within the Genshin community to say that Oz—Fischl’s familiar summoned by this ability—is the real character and that Fischl is just his accessory.

This is because all of Fischl’s off-field Electro DMG comes from Oz. And since her job is to provide off-field Electro DPS, it should come as no surprise that this is her first priority talent.
Elemental Burst
(Midnight Phantasmagoria)  
Summons Oz to spread his twin wings of twilight and defend Fischl.
Has the following properties during the ability’s duration:
• Fischl takes on Oz’s form, greatly increasing her Movement Speed.
• Strikes nearby opponents with lightning, dealing Electro DMG to opponents she comes in contact with. Each opponent can only be struck once.
• Once this ability’s effects end, Oz will remain on the battlefield and attack his Prinzessin’s foes. If Oz is already on the field, then this will reset the duration of his presence.
Fischl’s Burst deals a fair bit of DMG and also makes Fischl immune to DMG for its duration, making it a great tool for emergency evasive action.

However, the biggest benefit of this ability is that it also summons Oz. Even if Oz is summoned using this Burst, his DMG will depend entirely on the Talent Level of Fischl’s Elemental Skill.

So while increasing the DMG of this Burst is certainly worthwhile, it’s still only Fischl’s second priority talent.

Fischl’s Passive Talents

Genshin Impact Fischl Passive Talents
Talent NameDescriptionEvaluation
Mein HausgartenWhen dispatched on an expedition in Mondstadt, time consumed is reduced by 25%.These types of expedition passives are all underwhelming, but Mondstadt does, at least, have the best expeditions.
Stellar PredatorWhen Fischl hits Oz with a fully-charged Aimed Shot, Oz brings down Thundering Retribution, dealing AoE Electro DMG equal to 152.7% of the arrow’s DMG.You may do this sometimes for fun, but using the ability granted by this passive is more trouble than it’s worth.
Undone Be Thy Sinful HexIf your active character triggers an Electro-related Elemental Reaction when Oz is on the field, the opponent shall be stricken with Thundering Retribution, dealing Electro DMG equal to 80% of Fischl’s ATK.Unlike Fischl’s previous passive talents, this one is amazing. Due to her consistent Electro application, Fischl can easily find a home in many party comps based around Electro-related Elemental Reaction, in which case the extra DMG starts to add up quickly. You can even run her in a triple Geo team and still get DMG from all the Crystalize Reactions.

Fischl is a fun character that offers some unique gameplay mechanics, like:

  • Invulnerable traversal through her Burst,
  • The ability to deal AoE DMG by hitting Oz with a Charged Shot.

Most of these mechanics see no use whatsoever. Only Oz gets the ability to shine in most teams. Fischl’s popularity and usefulness in many teams are a testament to how powerful Oz is.

In any team where you need consistent access to Electro DMG to set up Electro-related Elemental Reaction, Fischl will perform her job amazingly.

What’s more, she has some uniquely powerful and transformative constellations. So let’s take a look at how good (or bad) you should feel about receiving certain duplicates of Fischl.

Fischl’s Constellations

Genshin Impact Fischl Constellations
Constellation NameDescriptionEvaluation
Gaze of the DeepEven when Oz is not present in combat, he can still watch over Fischl through his raven eyes. When Fischl performs a Normal Attack against an opponent, Oz fires a joint attack, dealing DMG equal to 22% of Fischl’s ATK.This constellation only benefits Fischl as a main DPS, as it requires her to be on-field to get the benefits.
For main DPS Fischl, this is worthwhile, but sub-DPS Fischl gets no value from C1.
Devourer of All SinsWhen Nightrider is used, it deals an additional 200% ATK as DMG, and its AoE is increased by 50%.This extra DMG doesn’t refer to the consistent Electro DMG dealt by Oz throughout his duration. It only refers to the initial DMG dealt while summoning Oz.
It’s a nice bonus to have, but nothing jaw-dropping.
Wings of NightmareIncreases the Level of Nightrider by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.Nightrider is easily Fischl’s most important talent. Getting 3 levels added to it is amazing.
Her Pilgrimage of BleakWhen Midnight Phantasmagoria is used, it deals 222% of ATK as Electro DMG to surrounding opponents.
When the skill duration ends, Fischl regenerates 20% of her HP.
As with C2, Fischl’s C4 adds some single-instance DMG to one of her abilities. Any extra DMG is welcome, but just like C2, this constellation isn’t a game-changer by any means.
The extra healing can be useful in a pinch.
Against the Fleeing LightIncreases the Level of Midnight Phantasmagoria by 3.
Maximum upgrade level is 15.
As mentioned previously, even when Oz is summoned through Fischl’s Burst, his DMG is calculated using her Elemental Skill level. So the verdict for C5 is the same as the verdict for C4—nice to have, but not something you’ll regret not having.
Evernight RavenExtends the duration of Oz’s presence on the field by 2s. Additionally, Oz performs joint attacks with your active character when present, dealing 30% of Fischl’s ATK as Electro DMG.Fischl’s C6 is one of the most powerful 4* character constellations.
In addition to providing more uptime—and therefore more DMG—on Oz, it also makes it so that Oz provides even more off-field Electro DMG than ever. The faster your on-field character attacks, the more DMG this will do. This is also the only way to reliably choose which enemies get attacked by Oz.

For the most part, the best things about Fischl’s constellations are the names.

It’s not that the perks they add are bad. C1, C2, C4, and C5 are all constellations that provide some value, mostly by adding extra DMG. But the amount of DMG they add is negligible in the grand scheme of things.

However, C3 and C6 are amazing and definitely worth getting if you plan on making full use of Fischl. C6, in particular, is one of the more unique constellations in the entire Genshin Impact roster. It’s still great, even in teams that aren’t designed to make the best use of it. But in party compositions that focus on building up attack speed and causing some Elemental Reaction mayhem, it’s a one of a kind.

Best Weapons For Fischl

Genshin Impact Weapon
Weapon RarityExplanation
Skyward Harp
If you’re looking to maximize Fischl’s DMG, Skyward Harp is the best weapon you could ever equip to Fischl. Not only does it increase both her CRIT Rate and CRIT DMG, but it also features the highest base ATK found on any bow.
In addition to this, Physical DPS Fischl can even get some great value for the passive procs for extra Physical DMG. That being said, sub-DPS Fischl doesn’t lose out on much value by not procing these extra instances of Physical DMG.
Elegy for the End
Elegy for the End is another amazing 5* option that Fischl can make excellent use of. The high base ATK and added Elemental Mastery make it a great choice for team compositions designed to deal most of their DMG via Electro-related Elemental Reactions, like the so-called Taser team that spams Electro-Charged. What’s more, Fischl can effortlessly proc the passive of this weapon, imparting a huge party-wide buff for both Elemental Mastery and ATK.
The Stringless
The Stringless is arguably the best 4* weapon for sub-DPS Fischl. The Elemental Mastery substat isn’t equally good in all of her teams, but even then this weapon comes out ahead of the competition thanks to its passive, which increases Oz’s DMG by anywhere between 24% and 48%, depending on the weapon’s refinement.
Alley Hunt
Alley Hunt is perfect for characters like Fischl, who derive most of their DMG while off-field. Depending on refinement, this weapon can increase all of Fischl’s DMG by anywhere between 20% and 40%.
At first glance, this may seem inferior to The Stringless, but thanks to the higher base ATK and the ATK% substat, Alley Hunt will always come out on top in terms of raw DMG output. We rank it lower because of how hard to obtain it is.
Favonius Warbow
Favonius Warbow is a solid option for Fischl in teams where the main DPS requires loads of Energy. Oz is already one of the best Energy generators in all of Genshin Impact, but paired with Favonius Warbow, he becomes an indistinguishable battery.
Rust is the go-to 4* weapon for main DPS Fischl, providing her with a high base ATK, loads of ATK% as the substat, and increasing her Normal Attack DMG by up to 80%.
If you want to make full use of Fischl’s kit and not only rely on Oz, Rust is the best 4* weapon you could give her.
Hamayumi is the poor man’s Rust. While inferior in terms of DMG, we felt obliged to mention it as the only craftable weapon on this list.
Mitternachts Waltz
Mitternachts Waltz is the weapon specifically designed for Fischl. We mention it here not because it’s good, but to dissuade anyone from pursuing it unless they’re the biggest Fischl fan in the world.

Not only does this weapon only work for main DPS Fischl—which isn’t how she’s normally played—it’s also useless on any other character. And you can only obtain it on the weapon banner. In other words, you would need to sink loads of resources into trying to obtain a bow that isn’t even optimal on Fischl and is absolutely useless on all other characters.

Best Artifacts For Fischl – 2-Thundering Fury + 2-Gladiator’s Finale

Best Artifacts For Each Character In Genshin Impact

As far as artifact set bonuses go, Fischl still doesn’t have a best-in-slot 4-piece set.

This is why it’s best to opt for a combination of 2-piece set bonuses that give her the most value. In her case, this would be the 2-piece Thundering Fury set bonus giving +15% Electro DMG and any of the four 2-piece set bonuses that give +18% ATK like Gladiator’s Finale.

In terms of main stats, you should equip your Fischl with an ATK% Sands, an Electro DMG Goblet, and a CRIT Rate/CRIT DMG Goblet.

As far as substats go, you’d ideally want CRIT Rate, CRIT DMG, Energy Recharge, Elemental Mastery, and ATK%.

Technically, you’d get the most DMG by using the 4-piece Thundersoother set bonus, but this set bonus is only viable in a few very specific teams, like Electro-Charged teams.

If you’re running a main DPS Fischl, then all you have to do is switch her to a Physical DMG Goblet and give her the 4-piece Echoes of an Offering set.

Best Team Composition For Fischl

Genshin Impact Fischl Team Composition

F2P Fischl Taser

  • Fischl
  • Beidou
  • Xingqiu
  • Sucrose

Fischl serves as a sub-DPS in this team, providing off-field Electro DMG and generating Energy for Beidou.

Beidou is also an Electro sub-DPS in this team, allowing the on-field attacker to dish out immense amounts of raw Electro DMG through her Burst. The Electro Resonance she unlocks as the second Electro character will also provide the whole team with a bit of extra Energy.

Xingqiu is yet another off-field DPS, this time providing Hydro DMG needed to trigger Electro-Charged reactions.

Sucrose is the on-field attacker in this team. Due to her Normal Attacks all dealing Anemo DMG, she can Swirl both Electro and Hydro off of enemies at the same time for immense Elemental Reaction DMG.

F2P Fischl Fireworks

  • Fischl
  • Beidou
  • Yanfei
  • Bennett

Fischl and Beidou have the exact same role here as in the previous team.

Yanfei is the main DPS in the team. Her Pyro DMG will cause enemies affected by Electro to explode, suffering extra DMG, breaking shields, knocking smaller units back, and even staggering some larger units.

Bannett is the team healer and ATK buffer. To get the maximum value from Fischl’s and Beidou’s off-field DMG, try to cast their abilities after casting Bennett’s Burst. This way, they benefit from his buff for their entire duration. As the second Pyro unit in the team, he will also unlock the Pyro Resonance, giving the whole team a lot of extra ATK unconditionally.

Whale Fischl Team

  • C6 Fischl
  • Yoimiya
  • Zhongli
  • C6 Yun Jin

Fischl’s role in this team is identical here and in the F2P teams. It’s important that she’s C6 to keep up with Yoimiya’s rapid attacks.

Yoimiya is the on-field main DPS. Her Pyro-infused Normal Attacks will trigger Overload just like Yanfei’s in the previous team comp, only much faster.

Zhongli is here to protect Yoimiya with his impenetrable shield. Yoimiya needs to go through her entire Normal Attack sequence to get the most DMG, and for this, she needs to be protected by a shield so she doesn’t even have to reset the Normal Attacks by dodging. The Resistance lowering aura of the shield is just the cherry on top.

Yun Jin is our choice of DMG buffer for this team. You could replace her with C5 (or C6) Bennett, but we prefer C6 Yun Jin for two reasons:

  1. Geo Resonance increases Yoimiya’s DMG output more than Pyro Resonance.
  2. Yun Jin’s buff increases Yoimiya’s DMG output more than Bennett’s buff, especially if we factor in the extra attack speed her C6 gives and how that pairs together with Fischl’s C6.

Go with Bennett if you find that you need a healer despite having access to Zhongli’s shield.

Teambuilding Tips For Fischl

Genshin Impact Fischl Teambuilding Tips

For a character as versatile as Fischl, the three team examples we’ve provided barely scratch the surface of how you can use her. So, to help kickstart some creativity on your part, here are some general teambuilding tips for using Fischl.

Beidou is her best friend.

In case it wasn’t clear already, Fischl and Beidou are amazing together. Beidou, in general, is able to dish out enough raw Electro DMG through her Burst to put many 5* DPS units to shame, but she has a hard time gathering Energy to cast this Burst. Fischl fixes this.

Together, they can be used in any team that wants either of them.

Don’t use her with melee Pyro DPS characters.

Two of the three example team compositions we’ve featured rely on spamming Overload reaction by mixing Electro and Pyro. However, note that both Pyro DPS units we’ve used—Yanfei and Yoimiya—are ranged characters. Overload is the last thing you want to proc as a melee Pyro DPS—like Diluc or Hu Tao—as this will knock enemies away from you, forcing you to waste time and stamina chasing after them.

Is Fischl Worth It?

Now you know how to build Fischl optimally, but the question still remains whether you should build her in the first place.

The answer to this question depends entirely on the state of your account.

Fischl is one of the most valuable units you can get early on, thanks to her unmatched versatility. Not only can she function as both a main DPS and a sub-DPS, but she’s also a great fit for all following team archetypes:

  • Electro-Charged (Taser) Teams
  • Ranged Overload Team
  • Physical DMG Superconduct Teams
  • Mono Electro Teams
  • Triple Geo Teams

The only teams where she isn’t a good fit are Freeze teams and teams with melee Pyro DPS units.

But as many new Electro units capable of sustained off-field Electro DMG got released—Raiden Shogun and Yae Miko foremost among them—her value diminished. So, if you’ve got Raiden Shogun and/or Yae Miko, chances are you’re able to cover all of Fischl’s use cases using these stronger units.

On the other hand, if you don’t have Raiden Shogun or Yae Miko, you can mimic a lot of what they do by using this one 4* unit.

So the way we see it, Fischl is very much worth it. The only players for whom she’d be a wasted investment are those that already have 5* Electro characters that have power-crept her.

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