Genshin Impact Tier List

Create the best team in Genshin Impact by using our up-to-date tier list for the game. It's all about optimizing the potential of your team.

After several years in development, Genshin Impact is finally here and making its mark on the gaming community.

Breathtaking visuals and fluid combat aside, the game shines the spotlight on its colorful cast of characters (currently 23 playable, excluding the Traveler, with more to come).

Since it just launched, the game doesn’t have difficult content yet. This means that you can clear content no matter which characters you have.

With that said, if you’re into optimization and min-maxing, then we have a tier list for the best characters in Genshin Impact for you.

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Genshin Impact Tier List Tier S

You’ll be lucky to get these characters as they are the best in the game right now.

VentiAnemoBowEverybody wants a Venti in their party right now as it’s so useful having him in dungeons. His elemental burst makes him the best character for pulling in enemies close together and then unleashing hell on them – a godsend in timed dungeons.

The best part about that vortex skill is its quick cooldown. You can have another vortex up as soon as you take care of a mob. Venti has great individual offensive potential, but he is an absolute beast as a support/set-up character.
FischlElectroBowFischl, in the same vein as Venti, provides fantastic support for your team while holding her own offensively.

Her Nightrider skill is perfect for crowd control and additional DPS because you just deploy it and let it do the work. Her elemental burst is a stronger, controllable version of Nightrider – perfect for dishing huge damage.
DilucPyroClaymoreDiluc is the game’s poster boy for DPS because of his ability to deal burst and sustained damage. His slash combos flow well together to pressure enemies. His elemental burst creates a wave in front of him that knocks opponents back – useful for relieving pressure in hairy situations.

While Diluc is a top-tier damage dealer, it takes a while to unlock his full potential. Some of his overpowered skills are locked behind maxing his constellation, which is a huge challenge, especially for free-to-play players.
QiqiCryoSwordA Qiqi in your party is like having a “nobody will die” mode in your adventure. She’s so valuable because her healing and her damage output directly tie to each other efficiently.

First, a percentage of all the damage Qiqi does is directly converted into healing for party members. This incentivizes an aggressive play without worrying about dying. Second, her elemental burst damages enemies and tag them with an ailment that heals anyone who attacks that unit.

These combinations of skills mean that Qiqi can just throw down her elemental burst and then have the party go absolute ham on the opponents.


Genshin Impact Tier List Tier A

These are powerful characters with no glaring flaws in their game. They’re behind S-tier in terms of overall power, but not by much.

JeanAnemoSwordJean’s utility comes from being able to air juggle multiple enemies and her capabilities. She’s good for sustained healing and burst damage, but you’ll likely keep her for her crowd control abilities.
KeqingElectroSwordKeqing is an effective damage dealer in battle while being one of the most fun characters to use. She has good mobility coupled with fast attacks that feel fluid to chain together.

Keqing shines outside the battlefield as well. Her elemental burst could be an explosion or a teleport, so she has great exploration potential as well. She’s a unique character that gives you a refreshing way to move around while sacrificing little damage.
BarbaraHydroCatalystBarbara is one of the few healers whose skillset is focused solely on healing. She excels in this role because she’s a healer and a tank combined. Her HP is incredibly high, so she’ll be able to tank most mobs. All her abilities revolve around sustained and burst healing for whatever tough situation the game throws at you.
MonaHydroCatalystMona is a fantastic support character who sets enemies up for powerful combos with the other party members. She’s also quick on the battlefield, having the fastest dash ability in the game.

Mona can summon a water phantom that pulls enemies’ aggro towards it. While this is active, enemies take sustained damage and eventually get hit hard when the phantom explodes. When partnered with decent Electro or Cryo users, Mona’s value skyrockets because of her ability to set-up massive burst damage.
RazorElectroClaymoreRazor is a powerful, no-fuss damage dealer whose skillset perfectly complements his playstyle.

His elemental burst Wolf Within increases his attack speed and provides immunity from electrified surfaces. Wolf Within recharges faster the more Razor uses it, so he’s perfect for long fights of attrition. That being said, fights generally don’t last long when Razor’s your damage dealer.


Genshin Impact Tier List Tier B

Solid characters that will perfectly complement your S or A-tiers. Otherwise, they can hold their own no matter what the game throws at you.

XianglingPyroPolearmXiangling provides decent sustained damage because of her ability to summon a fire-breathing bear (yes, you read that right). Her elemental burst creates fire tornadoes in an area around her to deal consistent damage.

When using Xiangling, always mind your positioning. You can damage your characters with your elemental surfaces and skills, so it’s best to be careful.
XiaoAnemoPolearmXiao has fast attacks with his weapon and his elemental skills. This is great for dealing sustained damage, but they’re a bit weaker compared to the insane damage burst Diluc has, for example.
KleePyroCatalystIf you like big explosions covering your battlefield, look no further than Klee. Her tools revolve around bombing enemies and setting up traps for, yep you guessed it, even more explosions.

She’s a good main DPS because of her ability to deal damage to large crowds. Her elemental burst is similar to Diluc’s in pushing away mobs of enemies. The only downside to Klee is that she can’t function well as a secondary attacker.
ChongyunCryoClaymoreChongyun is a great support character to have if you’re building a team of melee characters.

His cryo skills deal decent damage to enemies while having low cooldowns. His ability to buff melee users in your squad is his best talent.
BeidouElectroClaymoreIf you prefer a character with a more tactical approach, you can try Beidou. She’s a defensive character who relies on great timing on her counterattacks that deal massive damage. Her elemental burst is good to use before swapping her out with other heavy attackers.


Genshin Impact Tier List Tier C

These are characters that won’t blow you away, but they’re still pretty good to use.

LisaElectroCatalystLisa could be an A-tier character when she’s partnered with Mona. Sadly, she’s stuck in C-tier for now because her skills have long cooldowns and complicated setups.

She can’t move while using skills and that’s infuriating if you’ve accustomed to how the rest of the roster moves around the battlefield.
NoelleGeoClaymoreNoelle’s simplicity is helpful for players, especially in the early game. She can generate a geo shield that doesn’t go away even if you swap characters. This means she provides decent team utility outside of her basic attacks.

If you’re going to invest in Noelle, make sure to focus on defense as her buffs depend on it. She’s at this weird place where her toolkit indicates she’s a tank, but it doesn’t follow that in actual practice.
SucroseAnemoCatalystSucrose is a weaker version of Venti. Her whirlwinds pull together enemies or launch them in the air. This is most useful for clearing waves of enemies quickly.

The problem with Sucrose is that her skills have very long cooldowns.
BennetPyroSwordOn paper, Bennet looks like a character that can both damage enemies and heals allies. This would be a good combination if not for Bennet’s low damage output and equally poor healing capabilities. Without any specialist attributes going for him, Bennet becomes mediocre compared to the others on this list.


Genshin Impact Tier List Tier D

These characters are considered “weak” by this list’s standards.

NingguangGeoCatalystNingguang has an interesting mechanic revolving around her DPS role. She can gather star jades by performing her attacks. Once she has enough, she can consume these jades for heavy charge attacks. She also has a shield that partners well with her offensive stat but needs to be replenished with geo crystals regularly.

Overall, Ningguag is a character who doesn’t fit any type of team. It doesn’t help that she’s the Geo element, which is the element that doesn’t combo off other ones.    
KaeyaCryoSwordKaeya has a straightforward playstyle. You hack enemies with your sword, use your elemental skill to blast enemies, and use the elemental burst to do AOE damage around you.

Kaeya isn’t fit to be your main DPS because his damage output is low compared to other DPS characters. He’s best relegated to support DPS, or out of the party, if possible.


Genshin Impact Tier List Tier F

The worst characters to play in the game. They’re not broken, but they need significant buffs and probably reworks to their abilities so they can shine like the other characters on this list.

XingqiuHydroSwordXingqiu is a supporting character who focuses on damage mitigation rather than straight healing. This is great if you want a change of pace. Note however that healing far outclasses mitigation in this game so Xingqiu’s value decreases as you get more dedicated healers in your team.
AmberPyroBowAmber joins your party early on, and that’s good for her. You’ll find the need to replace her immediately as soon as another Pyro user comes along.

She can deploy a dummy that pulls in the aggro of enemy mobs so you can easily shoot them from afar. This dummy explodes once time runs out. The explosion damage is very low, however. Right now, Amber is meant to be a DPS character with no utility, but it’s not worth using her because of her poor attacking stats.

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