What Is The Best Internet Speed For Gaming?

What Is The Best Internet Speed For Gaming

So what is the best internet speed for gaming or the best internet type? Should you opt for fiber or upgrade your current internet connection? Find out here!

What Is Cloud Gaming And Is It Worth It?

What Is Cloud Gaming

So what’s all the hype about cloud gaming about? What is Google Stadia, Microsoft xCloud and all the other services that offer cloud gaming?

How Much Data Does Online Gaming Use?

Online Gaming Data

How much data does online games actually use? Will they use up your bandwidth quickly? The answer is simple and one that will definitely please you.

TP-Link AC1750 Review

TP Link AC1750 Review

We tried the very popular TP-Link AC1750 router to see how well it performed compared to others. Read our full review and score here.

Netgear Orbi Review

Netgear Orbi Review

The Netgear Orbi promises to give your home or office great WiFi, but does it deliver? We’ve reviewed the tri-band Netgear Orbi and here is what we discovered.

Discord Not Updating? Here’s The Fix

Discord Not Updating Fix

Is your Discord not updating? There are multiple fixes that you can do to update your Discord and here is a nice collection of the easiest ones.

NETGEAR AC1200 Review

NETGEAR AC1200 Review

We decided to test the popular NETGEAR AC1200 wireless router to try out the connection, speed and other things. Here is what we found out.

Linksys AC1200 Review

Linksys AC1200 Review

We tested the awesome Linksys AC1200 wireless router to see if it’s still worth it today. See our full review here!

Does Haste Work?

Haste Review

Want to know about the Haste program and if it works? Can it improve your ping? We’ll help you decide if Haste is legit or not.

PlayStation Now vs. Xbox Game Pass: Which Is Better?

Xbox Game Pass Vs Playstation Now

Short Answer Overall, PlayStation Now is much cheaper with a yearly subscription and has a significantly wider selection of games. However, the Xbox Game Pass offers better value (especially the Ultimate plan, which includes an Xbox Live Gold subscription) and is more convenient because it allows the user to play all the games locally on

Nintendo Switch Online – Everything You Need To Know

Switch Online Featured Image

The Nintendo Switch is one of the best consoles of this generation, offering a wide selection of third-party titles as well as first-party exclusives. And while the handheld hybrid has brought Nintendo much success, it’s also responsible for the “switch” from free online multiplayer to a paid subscription known as Nintendo Switch Online. Here, we’ll

Best VPN For Gaming 2020 – Buying Guide and VPN Reviews

Best VPN For Gaming

Previous CyberGhost Excellent all-around service Split-tunneling capabilities Best server availability Check Latest Price PIA Great customer security Excellent annual price Check Latest Price ExpressVPN Highest VPN speeds Stream geoblocked TV shows and movies Check Latest Price Next VPNs and gaming don’t always perform together particularly well. In our contemporary technological age, it feels almost necessary

Best Bluetooth Adapter 2020 – The Ultimate Buying Guide

best bluetooth adapter 2018

Asus BT-400 Highly reliable Native Windows 10 support Check Latest Price We usually take our mobile devices’ Bluetooth connectivity for granted. After all, this simple technology has become an indispensable means of convenient, short-range wireless connectivity. But despite this, many desktop motherboards do not come with built-in Bluetooth capabilities. But luckily, there is an easy

Best Wireless Router 2020 – Ultimate WiFi Router Buying Guide

best wireless routers

Previous Asus RT-N12 Great value for money Compact and stylish Easy installation Check Latest Price Linksys EA7500 Very powerful and stable Good software Check Latest Price Next Wireless technology is something that we truly take for granted these days. It was considered science fiction up until recently, and it has already become the norm. Just

Steam Client Running Slow? Here’s The Fix

Clear Steam Cache

Is the Steam client running particularly slow? Here’s how to return it to its former glory. Turn Off Other Applications & Downloads As an internet-based client, Steam is wholly dependent on sufficient bandwidth to perform, and if it is competing with other programs for both system resources and internet bandwidth, then the client is prone

Best Gaming Modem 2020 – Buying Guide and Gaming Modem Reviews

Best Gaming Modem

Previous Arris SURFboard SB8200 Rock-solid router, with some troubleshooting Two color options Check Latest Price Netgear CM1200 Excellent budget options for casual gamers Space-saving Check Latest Price Next Beyond your PC, your ISP, and your router, there’s your modem. Your modem is the keystone piece that brings everything together with your internet service provider, and

Discord Won’t Open? Here’s The Fix

Can't Hear On Discord

A rather bizarre issue haunts Discord, given that upon launching, the app fails to open or, in some cases, displays the classic grey Discord window without any functionality. The great minds at Discord have been scratching their heads in frustration at what is causing this with – as of the time of writing – no

Best Wireless Router Under 50 USD – Buyer’s Guide and Router Reviews

best affordable wireless router

Previous Tenda N301 Extremely affordable Clean and compact design Check Latest Price Asus RT-N12 Good coverage Sleek design Great value for the money Check Latest Price Next Having your entire home covered by a stable wireless signal is hard to achieve with a single router, especially if it is an underpowered one. Luckily, it is

Best Wireless Router Under 100 USD – The Ultimate WiFi Buying Guide

best router under 100 dollars

NETGEAR R6120 Fairly compact Sleek design with glossy finish Affordable Check Latest Price We’ve all experienced the frustration of poor Wi-Fi coverage in our homes. But hey, it’s not the end of the world – you can easily enhance it with the help of a wireless router which won’t even set you back that much

How To Connect A Laptop To A TV

Computer To Tv

Regardless of whether you want to experience the latest blockbuster movie in all its glory, partake in a spot of Netflix binging, or immerse yourself in a particularly beautiful game, knowing how to connect a laptop to a TV is a useful skill to master, and an easy one to acquire. In our guide, we

How To Get iMessage On Your PC

Imessage On Windows 10

We won’t beat around the bush with this one: there is currently no way to use iMessage on a PC natively. Apple is notoriously reluctant to expand the use of its apps on products other than their own. As such, iMessage is exclusively restricted to the growing cluster of Apple products. Unlike numerous apps, particularly

Best WiFi Extender 2020 – Ultimate Buying Guide

best wifi extender

WiFi is great when it works, but incredibly annoying when it doesn’t. There are some reasons your internet connection might not be working correctly, but a lot of the time, it just comes down to signal interference. Whether you’re fortunate enough to have a huge home or unfortunate enough to have thick, old walls, there’s

Steam Download Stopping? Here’s The Fix

Steam Randomly Stops Downloading

Is Steam prone to starting downloads only for them to stop dead in their tracks at random intervals or seemingly get stuck in a start/stop loop ad infinitum? We’ve got the fix, or should we say, fixes that will hopefully confine this pesky hitch to the past. In specific instances, none of these fixes will

WiFi Doesn’t Have A Valid IP Configuration? Here’s The Fix

How Do I Fix Wifi Doesn T Have A Valid Ip Configuration

Nothing quite riles up a computer user like an unresponsive Wi-Fi network. The main culprit of such distress is the ominous case on an invalid IP configuration. If you’ve encountered the problem, you’ll inevitably share our woe. Fret not, as there is a selection of easy fixes to get Wi-Fi back to normal in record

Best Wireless Adapter 2020 – Ultimate Buying Guide

top rated wireless adapter

Previous Belkin N300 Extremely affordable Compact and portable Check Latest Price Netgear Nighthawk A7000 Strong and stable signal Flexible placement Portable Check Latest Price ASUS PCE-AC88 Excellent long-range signal Flexible placement Replaceable antennae Check Latest Price Next For a long time, desktop PCs were stuck with Ethernet cables as the only means of connecting to

Discord No Route Error? Here’s The Fix

Discord Rtc

Overall, Discord is a pretty reliable application loved by gamers and subcultures around the world for its community building tools. However, it is susceptible to a common issue when it comes to connecting to voice channels. Today, we take a look at such an error called the “Discord No Route error,” since Discord coughs up