Best Games Like Hades

If you like playing Hades and want to try something similar? Here is the ultimate list of all the best games like Hades to play right now.

Hades is the latest and greatest title to come from beloved indie studio Supergiant Games and has achieved critical acclaim, won multiple awards, and garnered a massive following of fans.

While it has undisputedly become the new face of indie roguelikes, Hades is far from the only game to deliver on this concept while still providing a unique story-driven experience.

In this list, we’ll highlight the best games like Hades to play in 2024, including games like Hades on Steam, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

We’ll be revising this list in the future with new titles, so make sure to check back and let us know if we overlooked any of your beloved games like Hades!

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Our first recommendation for anyone who enjoyed Hades is Transistor, another isometric action RPG created by Supergiant Games that shares similar features and design.

In it, you take on the role of Red, a famous singer living in the futuristic city of Cloudbank where she faces off against technological enemies known collectively as “the Process.”

Like Zagreus in Hades, Red wields a powerful sword weapon called the Transistor that can be upgraded to unlock new abilities.

The game is a great example of Supergiant’s evolution as a developer and oozes style throughout its visuals and sound design.

The next title in Supergiant’s catalog we’re highlighting is Pyre, a narrative-driven RPG that’s worth checking out even if it doesn’t have that much in common with Hades.

In it, you play as an exiled leader guiding a band of misfits to freedom by participating in an ancient sports competition known as the Rites.

Gameplay is centered on 3v3 team-based matches where the objective is to score more goals than the opposing side by harnessing each character’s unique playstyle.

Like Hades, Pyre features a gripping narrative that evolves based on the outcome of each Rite, with characters either achieving their dreams or being lost to purgatory.

Rounding out our trio of previous Supergiant games like Hades is Bastion, another action RPG oozing with atmosphere and lovingly-crafted, detailed environments.

The story follows a character known only as “the Kid,” as he ventures into the world collecting special shards to power a structure called the Bastion in the wake of a massive apocalypse.

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Like Hades, Bastion follows a run-based format that reverts you back to an early checkpoint on the map each time you die, forcing you to restrategize before proceeding.

The further you go, the higher the difficulty, resulting in increasingly demanding battles that showcase Bastion’s fantastic hack and slash combat.

The best way to describe Dandy Ace is if you recast Hades’ main character with a fabulous card-wielding magician.

Instead of trying to escape the maze-like labyrinth that is Tartarus, our hero seeks revenge against a Green-Eyed Illusionist named Lele for imprisoning him inside a cursed mirror.

Each run sees you battling your way through an ever-changing palace and combining different cards to unlock new powers and distinct playstyles.

On the journey, you’ll come across a range of strange creatures and extreme bosses that keep you interested, although they may not be as captivating as the characters in Hades.

Dreamscaper is another action RPG roguelike from an indie developer that has you taking on the role of a woman named Cassidy as she delves deep into her subconscious to confront her nightmares.

This manifests as an ever-changing 3D world filled with unique items, abilities, and challenges that result in wildly different experiences with each run.

Cassidy can use her lucid powers to manipulate various elements, warp space, and even control time itself in the face of danger.

Similar to Hades, the game provides a wide range of mighty weapons and objects with sufficient adaptability to shape your unique way of playing.

Once you’ve managed to escape Tartarus, you should have no problem traversing Curse of the Dead Gods’ never-ending labyrinth environments complete with spike pits, fire traps, and evil monsters.

In it, you play as a man with divine powers seeking untold riches and eternal life inside an accursed temple that shifts with each playthrough.

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As you venture deeper and deeper into the dark temple’s many rooms and corridors, you’ll become afflicted with unique curses that function as gameplay modifiers and help raise the stakes. 

Like Hades, any coin and resources you gather can be used to unlock mystical Relics and new weapons to wield against hordes of enemies and deadly bosses.

The Binding of Isaac is another fantastic indie roguelike that needs no introduction and comes from the mind of Super Meat Boy designer Edmund McMillen.

Loosely inspired by the biblical story of the same name, Rebirth casts you as Isaac, a child forced to flee to his basement after his mother goes insane and starts talking to religious spirits.

If that’s not enough to hook you, just know the game goes even further with its dark tone and graphic imagery despite having a cute cartoony art style.

Gameplay revolves around top-down dungeon-crawling reminiscent of classic Zelda titles, though Hades fans will enjoy The Binding of Isaac’s procedurally generated level designs.

If you enjoy challenging roguelikes like Hades, then Dead Cells is a similar game with 2D graphics that focuses on combat, exploration, and dungeon-crawling.

Each run has you gathering materials to craft better gear while hunting down larger-than-life bosses and minions across sprawling pixel art environments filled with countless traps and secret passageways.

Like Hades, every death sees you booted back to the starting area with some resources retained, replicating the addictive “one more run” feeling that roguelikes are known to instill.

Keep in mind, it’s an extremely unforgiving game with challenging enemies that, much like Hades, take a lot of practice and good reflexes to overcome.

While it may not be a roguelike, Death’s Door is similar to Hades in that both games center on protagonists who are no longer willing to settle for the status quo.

In it, you play as a humble crow working for an authoritative afterlife company that goes after incompliant souls by any means necessary.

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Like Hades, the game is presented in a third-person, isometric perspective that offers a clear view of the battlefield at all times.

Additionally, it takes a similar hack and slash-style approach to combat, with the Crow able to chain together different abilities and equip various weapons.

Enter the Gungeon is a top-down 2D twin-stick shooter with a roguelike twist reminiscent of games like Hades.

In it, you play as one of four heroes tasked with exploring The Gungeon, a sprawling randomly generated labyrinth overflowing with enemies, traps, and loot.

Flexibility is the name of the game as each character introduces a unique modifier to spice things up, ranging from lock-picking to reduced reload times and an extended dodge roll.

This is further complemented by an arsenal of bizarre weaponry that ranges from handguns with bouncing bullets to cactus-powered rifles and target-seeking beehives.

Another excellent story-driven action RPG like Hades is Children of Morta, which chronicles the adventures of a heroic family fighting against an evil power called the Corruption.

The game presents players with the choice to either fully invest in upgrading a specific hero or distribute their resources across each member of the Bergson clan.

While procedurally generated dungeons are crafted to be playable with any of the six playable characters, you’ll discover they all excel in distinct areas such as crowd control, long-distance attacks, etc.

This is further complemented by stunning 2D pixel art that pairs nicely with the game’s frenetic hack and slash combat.

Risk of Rain 2 is an indie roguelike that’s become quite popular after transitioning from a 2D platformer in the original to a fully 3D third-person shooter.

Thankfully, the sequel maintains the series’ energetic combat as well as its roguelike formula, which sees you attempting to survive for as long as possible in increasingly perilous environments.

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The game rewards you for fighting through hordes of alien monsters with better gear to augment your character’s abilities and several unlockable characters.

While they may lack the same character development afforded to Zagreus in Hades, each hero in risk of Rain 2 introduces a unique playstyle comprised of different abilities and weapons.

Our last recommendation for Hades fans is Wizard of Legend, another action-packed indie roguelike with flexible fast-paced combat.

In it, you play as a spell-chaining wizard taking part in a competition known as the Chaos Trials, a gauntlet of magical challenges in which contestants attempt to defeat the strongest wizards.

These increasingly difficult battles will put your skills to the ultimate test and demand precise dodging as mobs of enemies will often bombard you with attacks.

Similar to Hades, each death brings you back to the start, except in Wizard of Legend you get to retain some of the spells you picked up during your previous run.

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