Should You Buy A Used Graphics Card?

Used Graphics Card

Should you buy a used graphics card? Read our simple guide here and see if the pros and cons of buying a used GPU, and if it’s something for you.

Should I Overclock My GPU?

Overclock GPU

Many enthusiasts also decide to overclock their graphics card, but is it worth it? Is GPU overclocking worth it for gaming? Read this guide to find out.

Should I Overclock My CPU?

Overclock CPU

Should you overclock your CPU? Is CPU overclocking worth it for gaming? This simple guide will help you answer that question.

Should I Buy A 4K Monitor And Is It Worth It?

4K Monitor Worth It

Wondering if you should invest in a 4K monitor (Ultra HD monitor) today? We’ve got the answer for you right here – and it might just surprise you.

Prebuilt vs Custom PC – Which Is Best?

Prebuilt vs Custom Gaming PC

Should you build your own custom PC or opt for a prebuilt one? The answer really depends on your budget and the current market situation. Here’s a guide.

NVIDIA RTX vs. GTX – What Is The Difference?


There’s a big difference between NVIDIA’s RTX and GTX GPU series. Here are all the differences between them and some tips on which one you should get.

Is Virtual Surround Sound Worth It For Gaming?

Virtual Surround Sound Worth It

Is virtual surround sound worth it or is it a gimmick? We put the technology to the test and discovered many things. See a short overview of our results here!

Is Overclocking Worth It?

Is Overclocking Worth It

So is it even worth overclocking your CPU or GPU? Here’s a simple guide explaining the benefits and disadvantages of overclocking!


What Is NVIDIA G Sync

Got your eye on a G-Sync monitor but you’re unsure whether it’s worth the extra cost? Check out this article for a quick answer!

What Are Power Supply Efficiency Ratings?

Power Supply Efficiency Ratings

Wonder what the power supply efficiency ratings such as 80 Plus, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Titanium mean? Here’s the ultimate guide.

Is Linux Good For Gaming? Linux vs Windows

Is Linux Good For Gaming

Windows has long been the standard operating system for gaming, but is it okay to use Linux for gaming? Here’s the ultimate comparison.

Is An SSD Worth It For Gaming?

Is An SSD Worth It For Gaming

SSDs are more widespread than ever, but remain pricey despite their growing popularity. So, is an SSD actually worth the money? Let’s find out.

Is An OLED Monitor Worth It?

Is An OLED Monitor Worth It

Shopping for a new monitor and wondering whether OLED is the way to go? Read this article to know if you should get an OLED monitor or not.

Is An Intel Xeon For Gaming Worth It?

Is An Intel Xeon For Gaming Worth It

So is one of those fast Intel Xeon processors worth it for gaming or are they only for workstations? Let’s find out. The answer might surprise you.

Is An HDR Monitor Worth It?

Is An HDR Monitor Worth It

With the increasing popularity of FreeSync 2 and G-SYNC HDR, is an HDR monitor worth it for gaming today? We’ll answer that question for you in this guide.

Is A Curved Monitor Worth It For Gaming?

Is A Curved Monitor Worth It For Gaming

Do you want to know whether one of those fancy curved monitors is worth your money? We’ll address and, ultimately, answer the question for you.

Is A 240Hz Monitor Worth It For Gaming?

Is A 240Hz Monitor Worth It For Gaming

Is a 240Hz monitor worth buying for gaming and is it a significant improvement over a 144Hz one? We’ll explain refresh rates and answer that exact question.

Is A 144Hz Monitor Worth It For Gaming?

144Hz Monitor Worth It

So, you’re always listening to people talk about those fancy 144Hz monitors, but you’re not sure what they’re all about? Check out this article where we explain their pros and cons in greater detail, as well as provide the answer to the titular question: is a 144Hz monitor truly worth it for gaming?

Is 8K Worth It Or Should You Wait?

Is 8K Worth It

Is it worth buying an 8K monitor or TV, or should you wait? With new 8K displays popping up more and more often, you need to know the answer right now.

IPS vs TN vs VA – Which Is Best For Gaming?

IPS vs TN vs VA

Wondering about the differences between the panels used in modern displays? Unsure which would be the best fit for your new gaming monitor? Let’s find out.

Intel Processor Letter Meanings

Intel Processor Letter Meanings

Need a new CPU but are confused about all the letters in some models’ designations? Here is a quick and simple explanation for the Intel processors’ letter meanings

Intel Core i5 vs i7 For Gaming – Which Should I Choose?

Intel Core i5 vs i7 For Gaming

If you’re looking for a new CPU, you’ve probably wondered if you should get an Intel Core i5 or Intel Core i7 processor. Well, we’ve looked into that and have found a definitive answer that might just surprise you.