Are Macs Good For Gaming?

Are Macs Good For Gaming

Do you want to buy a Macbook Pro, but not sure if it’s possible to play games on it? This guide will help you find out if Macs are good for gaming or not.

Are AMD Navi GPUs Worth It?

AMD Navi Worth It

Is it worth getting an AMD Navi GPU right now or are you better off with something else? Here’s the answer you need.

AMD Ryzen vs Intel – Which CPU Brand To Pick For Gaming

AMD Ryzen vs Intel

The Ryzen and Core series of CPUs have almost identical performance, with the former being better at multi-tasking while the latter are faster when it comes to single-core tasks. Ryzen CPUs are, however, more future-proof at the moment since their socket and chipsets were designed to be forward-compatible.

APU vs CPU vs GPU – What’s The Difference?


Which should you choose – an APU or a CPU + a GPU? What are the differences and benefits of them? We’ll tell you all you need to know in this simple guide!

How Much Data Does Online Gaming Use?

Online Gaming Data

How much data does online games actually use? Will they use up your bandwidth quickly? The answer is simple and one that will definitely please you.

IPS vs. LED – What’s The Difference?


What’s the difference between IPS and LED? Here’s a simple guide on these two technologies and which one you should choose.

How To Fix Backlight Bleed On A Monitor or TV

How To Fix Backlight Bleed

Had enough of that unsightly clouding on your display? We’ve got a safe and risk-free solution that will fix most cases of backlight bleeding in monitors and TVs alike.