What Is The Best Monitor Size For Gaming?

Best Monitor Size For Gaming

Let’s set aside all the talk about refresh rates and response times and focus on one specific and basic aspect of a gaming monitor: its size.

What Is The Best Internet Speed For Gaming?

What Is The Best Internet Speed For Gaming

So what is the best internet speed for gaming or the best internet type? Should you opt for fiber or upgrade your current internet connection? Find out here!

What Is The Best FPS For Gaming?

What Is The Best FPS For Gaming

The ever-debated question in the gaming circles is just what the ideal FPS for gaming is. The answers, of course, vary greatly from person to person. In this article, we aim to answer this question once and for all from an unbiased perspective.

What Is SLI And Is It Worth It?


So what is NVIDIA SLI and is it even worth it? We’ll tell you every benefit and disadvantage of SLI (Scalable Link Interface) in this guide.

What Is PCIe 4.0 And Is It Worth It?

What Is PCIe 4

Wondering what PCIe 4.0 is, what it is good for and if it is actually worth using? Here’s the ultimate guide for you to understand PCIe 4.0.

What Is OLED Burn-In?

What Is OLED Burn In

Wondering what OLED burn-in is and if it is still an issue for OLED displays these days? This guide has got you covered.

What Is Hitscan?

What Is Hitscan

Have you heard the term “hitscan” in shooter games but you’re unsure what it means? Check out this article for a quick and simple answer!

What Is Cloud Gaming And Is It Worth It?

What Is Cloud Gaming

So what’s all the hype about cloud gaming about? What is Google Stadia, Microsoft xCloud and all the other services that offer cloud gaming?

What Is Anti-Aliasing?

What Is Anti Aliasing

Wonder what anti-aliasing is in games and whether or not you should enable it? Is anti-aliasing even worth it? We’ll explain all that right here.

What Is Ambient Occlusion?

What is Ambient Occlusion

So what does ambient occlusion mean in games? Is enabling ambient occlusion worth it? Here’s a simple exlanation that will definitely help you.

What Is A Triple-A Game (AAA)?

What Is A Triple A Game

“AAA” is a classification that indicates that a game is backed by a well-established publisher and it likely has a relatively large budget.

What Is A Discrete Graphics Card?

What Is A Discrete Graphics Card

What exactly is a discrete graphics card? Is it the same as a dedicated graphics card and how does it differ from an integrated graphics card?

What DPI Should I Use For Gaming?

What DPI Should I Use For Gaming

What mouse DPI should you use for the optimal gaming experience? Gaming mice these days have very high DPI numbers that you can use, but is that really the best?

What Does FPS Mean In Games?

What Does FPS Mean In Games

FPS stands for Frames Per Second. What does it ACTUALLY mean for your gaming experience? What FPS should you aim for and how can you get it? Here’s a guide.

What Do I Need To Build A Gaming PC?

What Do I Need To Build A Gaming PC

Want to build a gaming PC yourself? We’ve listed all the components that you need to build your own gaming PC as well as the peripherals you should consider.

What Are NVIDIA CUDA Cores And What Do They Mean For Gaming?

NVIDIA Cuda Cores

Shopping for a new graphics card but you’re unsure about this certain entry on the spec sheet? No worries, we’re here to offer a simple explanation as to what CUDA cores are and why they’re important.

What Are HBM, HBM2 and HBM2E?


When it comes to memory types, HBM, HBM2 and HBM2E are the ones that are being used by AMD GPUs a lot. But what is the difference between them?

USB 3.1 Gen 1 vs. Gen 2 – What’s The Difference?

USB 3.1 Gen 1 vs 2

So what’s the difference between USB 3.1 Generation 1 and Generation 2? Here’s a simple guide explaining the differences in an easy-to-understand guide.

SSD vs HDD – Which One Is Best For Gaming


What should you buy today – an SSD or HDD? If you’re a gamer, then see our answer right here because the answer might surprise you!

SSD Reliability – Everything You Need To Know

SSD Reliability

Are SSDs reliable? Here’s everything that you need to know in regards to the reliability of solid-state-drives and how they differ from HDDs (hard-disk drives).

Should You Buy A Used Graphics Card?

Used Graphics Card

Should you buy a used graphics card? Read our simple guide here and see if the pros and cons of buying a used GPU, and if it’s something for you.

Should I Buy A 4K Monitor And Is It Worth It?

4K Monitor Worth It

Wondering if you should invest in a 4K monitor (Ultra HD monitor) today? We’ve got the answer for you right here – and it might just surprise you.

QLED vs OLED – Which Should You Choose?

QLEDS vs OLED Monitor

If you are wondering what the difference between QLED and OLED is, then here’s a short guide explaining the differences and which one you should choose.

PS4 Pro vs PS4 Slim – Which Should I Choose?

PS4 Pro vs PS4 Slim

Wondering if you should buy the upgraded PS4 Pro or just get a PS4 Pro? We’ve compared them side-by-side and we’re here to help you make up your mind.